What lies Beneath…

See what is possible! Look not to the empty canvas, but it’s potential to become whatever you can imagine.

I believe sometimes we fail to see what lies beneath the surface, behind the veil of our tangible perception. This world has revealed itself to me in many ways to be so much more than what can be seen or heard. Beyond the form that surrounds us, I have been blessed to discover the hideen forces too often missed in the attempt to understand the influences over our lives. Yes, to me we are undoubtedly the most powerful force in the creation of our reality, though in my view, this power comes with the responsibility to see where we are supported or stiffled by our environment.

Looking around you, what do you see? I wonder how it is that so often we are distracted by how things are – from what could be. Possibilities are the very fibre of universal existence and to know the governence that we have over manifestation, to me…is true personal power. To hold such creative energy and be aware of it’s force is to be humbled by the possibilities so abundantly attainable and within our reach. I have been empowered along my own journey in such realisation that taught me how truly misguided we can be in reading but the first page of the story.

I wonder how things would change in your life If you only gave yourself permission to look further into the depths of what could be, rather than be misguided by the surface facade of that which presents itself more obviously in life. Lessons are rich where we dare to dream and journey into the unknown. In the same breathe I am balanced by the knowning of the value there is in seeing the abundance that exists to be grateful for…and not looking for what is missing. My belief is rather that we can become so much more alive in the opening to what could be, beyond what is.

While I feel it is essential to the spirit to love and be grateful for what is…I feel equally that we can gain from loving what can be. From the seed of contemplation and imagination, we create the life that we live. With the story unwritten, we must not see blank pages but a freedom to write the book and be the author of our lives. I wonder if you looked at your life in such a light would you too become present to possibility offered where there is the emptiness. Life to me is that blank canvas…upon which we dance with existence in the spirit of creation.

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