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“To the wrong person, no words are enough…yet to the right person, No words are needed.”- Unknown

I believe it is a Universal law often forgetten when lost in the pursuit of an argument, that sometimes no words will do. I believe that we see others perspectives when we listen and become open to where they are coming from, rather than seeking to impose our own standpoint. This to me can teach us to open up to a far greater realm of perspective and insight through the expansion of understanding.

On the opposite hand I have found there to be times in life where nothing needs to be said, for the silence speaks clearly of the feelings shared. A moment, a look, a laugh or a touch can all have such vivid voices wihtout making a sound. We listen with our hearts to such echoes of expression and perceive with intuition and sensitivity, the essence of emotion being experienced at any given time. There is a language that exists between each and every one of us that is not spoken but understood.

It is our words that act as sign posts that can sometimes be decieving when the truth becomes glittered and mystified. Yet if we hear with our hearts, I find that we can become fine tuned with the messages of one anothers spirit and grow wiser in the process. I have been learning of late great lessons in surrendering to the senses and feeling on a level that trusts the understanding I am given through the silent ripples of energy that speak.

Recently I have been seeing more than ever how clearly we do in fact communicate when nothing is even said at all. I have found the look in ones eyes to reach further in revealing the feeling underneath the surface. I wonder if you took notice more of the messages contained within the actions and manners of those around you, how much more you would learn. I myself have found great power in listening with my heart and allowing myself to “feel” what is being said rather than listening to the simple sound of words spoken.

Though I am a lover of words and appreciate their power deeply, I also have a great respect for the power of silence in developing our perception, sinsitivity and awareness. Imagine yourself as I am right this very moment…feeling “what is” rather than questioning the unspoken. I wonder if you could gather from this place, a deep inner knowing of the truth.

Imagine the power of walking away from each day with a new found certainty from going within and listening with your soul to the messages surrounding you. Look into the eyes of those you love. It is there you will find all you need to know. Be present to the space and time that exists between you and others. What is the nature of that distance and space? Is it filled with peace, is it filled with value? I wonder if you took a moment now to see, what meaning would you find in the space that exist between you and the world around you.

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