Compost for our garden

One of my favorite lines is “Our attitudes alone can make a hell out of heaven or a heaven out of hell”. Seen in the image and archetype of the Lotus flower, our greatest joys are born through the journey from the muddy roots to the emergence from the darkest waters.

Our most powerful gifts can often come from the most challenging places that are not at all easy to live through, but this is what we must remind ourselves of. I am a firm believer in the value of seeing beyond the present state of waste and into the future potential that lies beneath. If we can only be reminded to look towards the purpose of our life’s events and struggles, we can see that the waste is only that, when we fail to see it as compost, with a perfect place in the making of our gardens.

In my eyes, it has always been the most potent pain that serves as powerful feul for inner freedom, in teaching us how to utilise what little resources we have during such trying times. It is our testing trials that reveal our hidden strengths which to me is the gold that comes only from the pressure we experience, if not through self dicsipline then from our experience of the outer world and unfolding circumstances.

Just as the butterfly struggles from the cocoon, we are growing each moment that we are tested by developing our strength and refining our direction. Our wings are weakened in life when they are not given the opportunity to open out and unfold as we stretch our mind and expand our perceived limits. I have been uplifted and inspired by some of the most beautiful metaphores that I have used along the way to remind me of the purpose of my own challenges over the journey.

To look upon the hurdles we face as just bugs on the windscreen that are not in our way but a natural part of the journey, is to avoid being distracted by them. We must not allow ourselves to pay so much attention to such small details if we are to stay focused on our direction and aligned on the road to where we are going. We are bound to eventually crash when we do so. It is like looking in the rear- view mirror, having our perspective of what matters most distorted unessecarily.

We need to see what purpose lies in the trying lessons we attain along the way and understand their value in taking us forward in order to move on rather than be distracted by what we are holding onto and incomplete with. When we are faced with hurdles we must look for the blessings hidden within them, so as not to be lost in the smaller vision without the deeper insight and perspective. Look to your life today with all of it’s past and present challenges. I wonder if you focused for one moment on the blessings and gifts of each of them…what you would find.

I wonder if you meditated on the purpose and perfection of such experiences, how thank ful would you be…rather than pressed and stressed. Maybe look upon your world today and see if you can find the garden growing amongst the compost. I beleive if we do this often enough, we can begin to plant seeds rather than waste our time pulling weeds that would not grow in the place of a garden. Use this image to help you if you may…through all the hard times along the way.

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