New Moon in Aries

We currently have the new moon in the sign of Aries. With it being the first sign of the Western Zodiac, we have an alignment of energy that speaks of new beginnings and seeds of vision that have great potential to sprout in the time ahead as we spring into action with drive, force and the spirit of determintation – being the golden gift of the Aries archetype. Ruled by Mars, this sign has a colourful dynamic and life force that is second to none…and is influenced currently by a beautiful Astrological alignment.

Dancing in the heavens currently with Jupiter and Pluto, Mars is now brining us to face huge transformation in our lifes which shifts both our psychology and foundations in the deepest of ways for the purpose of our growth, expansion and awakening to the greater forces at play. Jupiter now in the sign of Taurus, conjunct beautiful Venus, involved in this alignment, has a harmonious influence over us during this lunar phase which pushes us forward with loving encouragement.

With this alignment of the stars taking place in the earth signs, we have a strong ability to utiise this dynamic present in a way that solidifies the energy so we may manifest our visions in the tangible form. great changes are on this horizon for all…and to take advantage of this Astrological phase helping us forward, we can be enormously assisted with the winds behind us, pushing us ahead with the strength we need to make things happen big!

Mars in Virgo transiting in harmony with these two heavenly giants, has powerful potential to shift ground and make waves where they are needed to shake things up where they were once stagnant and waning in purpose. With this New Aries moon we are gifted with a vision that colours possibility with deep spiritual drive and alignment. This Aries moon creates a stellium in the heavens which signifies a time of greate force, born out of the planetary unity through this time.

As the four planets comes together, with the Sun, Mercury, Moon and Uranus in orb, we see an opposition take place with Saturn that makes for a strong sign of polarity, magnetism and potential to ctreate balance through change.

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