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“The highest mountain peaks often rest just above the darkest grey clouds.” – Unknown

No matter what things look like in the beginning, it is not the end of the story. At any given moment we have the power to say “This is not how the story is going to end”. I am a firm believer in the abundant healing powers of vision that has the ability to lift us higher. I feel that the taller we stand in our view as we look over our life from the place of standing back and rising above…the smaller our problems become. Putting life into perspective has been my own need in order to surpass any obstacle on the way towards the attainment of all spiritual desires.

Beyond the threshold of our vision lies a faith in the world of possibility and a freedom to create. In my own life I have seen this law to be solid and evident where those around me and even I myself have failed to move above the clouds of uncertainty and limits through the threshold of self defined empowerment. There have been times in my own life where confusion has enveloped my every breath and dominated my every thought, though the experience of such overwhelm has only ever receded in the letting go, like the tides that ebb and flow. I have learned through the personal experience of such mental states, that being unsure is a beautiful tranformational stage of openness to all that could be.

If we are to use these phases of our lives as a time of renewal, then I am certain that our power can only exceed it’s own previously believed limits. I wonder if next time you felt fear or confusion in your own life, you could surrender to this place and become inspired by what could be. I wonder if the next obstacle you came across could be seen for the opportunity it so truly is, in opening the gates of possibility… Would you then realise as I have…how powerful you really are. Let this power not scare you but awaken you to the force of your own ability to have faith in the dreams within you.

From the sadness and grief, the fear and confusion, I feel we can only be set free by going the distance, enduring the moments in the knowing that all clouds shall pass. And above and beyond these clouds we must be certain that we can choose which way to go. In following the compass within, I feel we can do anything, have anything and be anything we want. Next time you are in a place of doubt, remember that all things dissipate in time as a natural part of life. Let the myst pass you by and look beyond it’s temporary obstruction. Let your vision from within, guide you through these times and be forever inspired by the transient nature of life.

Remember your power and know your way. Though there may be darkness, soon night becomes day. In good times and hardships, remember to pray. And know that always you will have the last say. From sadness and sorrow, just live for tomorrow. From challenge and change, there will be triumph and chances. Just believe in your power, every minute and hour. Your faith will be tested as your protect what you invested. But as time passes by, you will know exactly why.

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