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I have been so absorbed by the pure experience of my life recently that I have not even desired to interrupt it by the interpretation of it…so here goes. I have recently spent the most incredible two weeks in Bali that I now wish to share with you. During my time there, I visited a beautiful part of Bali that I had never been to before where I learned enormously and was blessed to meet some amazing people. From Bali, I have taken not only some incredibly valuable lessons and beautiful spiritual experiences, but my life has also taken on a whole new direction!

I have not returned to what I once called home but taken off on an entirely unexpected journey towards the unknown. It is here now that I have spread my wings in a whole new part of the world, leaving Bali for the states, where I never dreamed I would be. I feel that in spreading my wings here, so far from my roots, I have been given an opportunity to uncover not only the world around me but the world within that I feel I have only just begun to know. Here now in a beautiful part of the world, I look out upon not only the ocean before me, but both city horizon and mystical mountains of California as I contemplate the road ahead.

I feel drawn to share with you my never before felt, overwhelming sense of gratitude for this surprising new direction my life has taken. It is in such changes that I am reminded of the beauty that lies in the mystery and setting free of one’s self. Through this enormously transformational time in my life, I am growing to believe more than ever in the truth of angelic presence in my life. It is as though I have angels planning ahead for me, where I cannot see, yet feel as though what lies ahead is all one big surprise, that is somehow…choosing “me”! This journey I am guided along, so far…has given me deep gratitude for that which I never thought or imagined would happen.

Strangely I feel a great sense of belonging right in this moment, as though I am simply in the right place and the right time, with the right people. It is as though this divine synchronicty is just meant to be, perfectly ordered in the bigger picture, right, amazing and wonderful in all of it’s challenges (even those that are yet to unfold). In my eyes, this openness that I am living in the spirit of, is worth all that I could possibly give while on the path of my unfolding evolution. I am giving thanks with open arms as I surrender all of my dead skin. Like a snake that moves towards the sun…I feel a great sensitivity wash over me to the outer world. Like a small child discovering the world…I feel as though the adventure has only just begun and I look forward to sharing it with you as I journey through more of the undiscovered.

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