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As you become more clear about who you really are, you’ll be better able to decide what is best for you – the first time around.
Oprah Winfrey

Lately I have come to learn at a more rapid pace than I ever have before as my life has begun to transform in an entirely new way. The greatest lesson I have had over the coarse of my own journey towards becoming who I am today…is the priceless value in letting go fully and sincerely on all levels from the physical and tangible world, to the spiritual and emotional. Though this has been a great part of my own learning, I must share that more than ever, I have become crystal clear in recent times, of how incredibly valuable this very flexibility can be in clearing the way for transformation to take place.

As we let go on the deepest of levels, we are able to create a space and platform upon which we can choose whatever it is that we want from the standpoint of being who we truly are in the very moment of now, unattached to that which is past and history. I have recently been living in an incredibly different realm to that which I have ever been so blessed to experience. I have been releasing my hold on the idea that we need anything more than ourselves to not just get by…but to live a life that we love and are able to grow enormously within. In this new world I have found myself in, I have been able to find the trust within my own self, to make the perfect choices without regret or fear, in the moment and in the celebration of this very passing life.

I believe it is from this very heart space and place of inner trust that I have been given this gift of new beginnings and open doors. It is as though the world around me has opened in reflection of my heart, like the petals of a rose, surrendering it’s fragrance. I feel as though it has taken my simple trust in life, to open the door to the beautiful experience of change in the most abundantly loving and present way. Last month, my life took on a rapid rate of unfolding evolution that I feel incredibly blessed to have opened myself to, by letting go and surrendering to the unknown possibilities in life. It is as though in doing so, my life has truly become an adventure.

In March, I left Melbourne for Bali where I experienced two weeks of pure heaven, during which time I explored not only new places, but levels within my own self that I never knew existed…of peace and stillness yet so poetically contrast in being so vibrantly alive and curious with wonder at the very same time. From Bali I set off to plant my seeds in an entirely new place of the world in California where I am now calling home. In a special birthday Celebration I was taken to yet another new city on a road trip to Vegas! The drive there was an experience in itself, through the mountains as far in the distance as could be seen, and striking country that looked just like perfection as the sun set in the rear view mirror on our way as the vivid blue dusk sky lay to rest.

One of the prettiest places I had ever been, Vegas was the last place on earth I ever thought I would go…which proves to me that one just never knows. It is this very notion that I hope to hold onto through all of the beautiful and purposeful letting go through life. It is the one thing that I wish to be reminded of…that we just sometimes never know how beautiful life can be and if we can just live in the spirit of faith that may prepare us for the unexpected then we may be lifted in spirit by opening ourselves up to the possibility of the unknown and the great. Here below is a picture of our 60th floor suite overlooking the beautiful city of Vegas.

Just this weekend gone by we decided to take a random trip to Disneyland – yet another beautiful and fun place that I never dreamed I would go! I felt like a child again as we went on rides and were taken on a virtual tour through the skies of California. It was as though we were literally flying through the air above the absolutely amazing landscape of this stunning place. Spending the weekend in Disneyland reminded me of the enchanting world that we live in and the enormous possibilities that there are to create whatever it is that we want in life…just as Walt Disney has in these amazing adventure parks. As he said…”You don’t need a plane to fly. All you need is your imagination.” I really believe this to be the key in letting ourselves expand our horizon beyond the limits.

I believe our imagination is a vital ingredient in the recipe of joy. Since leaving Melbourne and opening up my mind to the possibility of creating a new life here in California, I have been sincerely blessed and enchanted by not only the most stunning and breathtaking experiences, but soulful connections and places. Had I not have opened myself up to these unknown potentialities by letting go of the old…I may never have been so blessed. I wonder if you took a moment to consider, how dramatically different your life could be, if only you opened the door to change and gave yourself permission to just have faith in life. Just for one moment, I wonder what it would be like for you too, to trust in life and surrender to what could be.

This right below is my new view from where I now call home! Who would have known! Here you can see not only the city and ocean, but the beautiful mountains in the distance. I call this perfect Feng Shui:) They say “Home is where the Heart is” & I certainly agree as I have followed my heart here and I feel more at home than I ever have!

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