Full Moon in Libra – marks Easter

Waking me up at 3:30am – this annual full moon in Libra evidently stirs deep levels of the psych! During this significant lunar phase by which Easter is both celebrated and marked, we have heightened awakenings of inspiration held dormant during a time of germination. This full moon can be likened to the point of opening in which the flower of clarity emerges and is mirrored by nature. The first full moon of Spring has traditionally marked the celebration of Easter, which is simbolised by the image of an egg – which is offered in recognition of the archetype reflected by this time.

The egg is a perfect image to mirror the energy on our horizons, of new beginnings being born and hatching into light bulb like insights and clarity. An air sign, Libra likes mental stimulation and is one of the bright signs that enjoys interaction…which draws us to connect with others for the purpose of joining forces and making things happen on a larger scale than possible alone. Libra is the sign that governs partnerships, which calls us to see the value in working with others for a mutual cause.

During this Libra full moon, you may find yourself inspired by awakenings of ideas held dormant for quite some time, as they germinated over time to this very point of sprouting into light bearing promises of tomorrows transformation as we evolve through the zodiac path of spiritual awakening. Libra is governed by the planet Venus. Venus is the goddess of love and ruler of relationships within our chart and the heavens. It is the sign of justice and law, which keeps things in balance. The symbol of the scales, Libra is the full moon that awakens the wisdom of balance within.

This full moon will stir the soul deeply as she opens the heart energy through the gentle touch of Venus. Let this be a trigger that opens the gateway of inspired insight that you draw upon and utilise to express your own light. Allow this Libra lunar phase to shed light on your innate intelligence. The air element that rules Libra, governs our mental state and communication style, so let this highlight ways in which you may enhance the clarity in your message to the world. Let this moon empower you to cut through confusion and light the way for others to understand you by coming clear on what you wish to portray and the results you seek.

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