Beyond The Horoscopes – Planetary Influences Revealed

Much more than many realise, Astrology looks past the surface of the much known “star” sign- into the many layers of our multi-faceted soul, deep into our unconscious driving forces, our emotional selves, our calling, our roots, relationships and the nature of all other aspects of our lives.

The “star” sign- which relates to our Sun sign (which is the sign through which the sun was transiting at the time of birth) tell us only so much information that merely scratches the surfaces of our “whole” unique individual journey and potential.

As we know, there are a number of planets in our solar system, dancing through the heavens- which make up the great and wonderful philosophy known as Astrology- that remains sadly, so mystical and hidden in our world…without little consideration for the magnitude of the truth, held within this endless realm of potential for contemplation and realisation.

In the authentic system of this guiding compass we call Astrology, the Sun sign is a very small piece of the picture, in revealing the nature of our inner journey, it’s ups and downs, and twists and turns. The world of planets hold a deep well of information in which we can find triggers and truths, unique to our own unique soul compass- that depicts the life force we were blessed with from the first breath of our journey.

The sun is the beginning of the story, in which our “star sign” can reveal the essence from which we live, our strengths in spirit and physical response tendencies. From there on we look to the positioning of the Moon within one’s chart, for the nature of the emotional self- the tendencies and ways in which we wish to live, be nurtured as well as nurture others. The Moon sign and position within the birth chart, also tells us the nature in which the individual seeks to form their close relationships and family ties with.

From there we look at the mental plane of the person, reflected by the position and sign of the planet Mercury within one’s chart- which reveals the thought processes, communication and learning styles to begin with. So we can start to see now that there is so much more that comes into play when we talk about Astrology, that unfortunately, many are unaware of.

Though in daily horoscopes so widely published, it can often be misunderstood that there is only a small degree of information to be offered from the stars in relation to our uniqueness- but this is not true. There are many more layers as we look into the chart that may even over ride the advice relative to the “star” (sun) sign- looking at more prominent aspects of the self (or the chart- depicting ALL aspects of the self ).

Beyond Mercury- telling us about our unique mental processes and styles of communicating and thought, we have the planet Mars, that tells us how we assert ourselves, how we physically present ourselves and prefer to “move”. It shows us how we are stirred into action- and can reveal times in which we are triggered to express ourselves.

Mars within one’s chart can tell us- how assertive the individual is in temperament, and where in life they are more assertive, have strength and speed. It can reveal areas of life that have more focus in terms of energy- where the moon on the other hand, will reveal areas of our life that are more quiet and private as opposed to “out in the open”, like Mars.

From here we may begin to look at other planets such as Venus. For a woman, you will look to this planet to know what her prominent desires are for relationships. It will also show where in life, the individual is more placid and gentle, loving and kind. The influence of Venus within the chart is a more harmonious one, showing where in life we will have better relationships and ties with others.

Venus will reveal when relationships, marriages and engagements are more likely to occur and be favorable, or even when a relationship is likely to begin, be supported and also challenged. It is this planet within the chart that will show where in life, the individual will be likely to have pleasant relations and gifts offered to them…be it through family, friendships, work colleagues, authorities or lovers. Generally it will have a positive influence, where ever it resides in the chart.

So again, Astrology has so much more to say than merely the limited amount of information that can be explored through the position of the sun- at the time of birth. We look at many more layers even beyond the above mentioned in the exploration of one’s birth chart…and have not yet even touched on the outer planets where even more intense aspects of the soul are indicated, and so much can be told. So if you thought Astrology was something just for fun- I would say “you’re right”, when it comes to horoscopes.

Though if you are talking about the real deal, the whole philosophy of the stars- as opposed to the surface of the seen, the known and the more publicized- such as the general “Sun sign” astrology- then we have a great and wonderful world of wisdom from which we can learn enormously- about life, ourselves and the world with which we interact.

If you are feeling uncertainty in any area of life, and are looking for clarity and calm, it may be a good idea to tap into the re-assurance that lies in the compass of the heavens, gifted to you at the time of your first breath. Astrology is far beyond a judgement tool, that it would be easily mistaken as- given it’s popular misguided use in such ways.

I myself as an Astrologer, place a high value on the art of interpretation and work in a very sensitive and compassionate way to help you gain “in”sight into your own inner light, power and driving force through life in general, and also the times during which you may be experiencing some of the many challenges that we may possibly face in our journey toward self evolution and development.

The significance of the outer planets in our personal chart, psychological make up and unique energetic foot print….

The first of the planets beyond those of the more personal is Jupiter. Jupiter tells us where in life we excel, where we move beyond boundaries, experience great depth of learning, insight and understanding. Jupiter is the planet of the higher mind and learning, philosophy and long distances, meaning physical and non-physical/ spiritual travel.

Jupiter is the planet that reveals those things we are ultimately drawn to learn about as we grow into adults, and also the areas in which we wish to grow and expand in the most..It is a planet that is recognized to bear many great gifts tied both to optimism and luck. Where it rests within the natal birth chart, shows where in life we have a strong ability to maintain a positive outlook and attitude, with the capacity to look at the larger picture, possibilities and potential.

The next planet we look at in the Astrology chart is Saturn. Saturn has an affinity with the father figure/ image. It is tied to stern discipline, structure, long term plans and karmic lessons. Saturn is the planet associated with the “blessings in disguise”, which can reveal where in life we experience hardship, challenge and also the greatest accomplishments and triumphs. It shows where in life we learn the greatest lessons through loss, hurt, challenge and resistance, so often holds the key to where in life we will be most determined and as a result- where we will reap the most rewards, later in our lives.

Moving now beyond what is known as the social planets, into the outer realms of our galaxy where we look at the other planets, we look at Uranus. Here we will learn where in life the individual will experience a degree of aloneness in being unique. It also reveals the ways and aspects of life in which we experience great unsettledness and unexpected/ sudden changes. Known as the planet of the unconventional, this will reveal what aspect of your life, you will be seen as “different” through, be it in home, family and up-bringing (4th house/ moon)…relationships (7th house/ Venus/ Libra), Financially (Taurus/ Venus/ 2nd house) or any of the other 9 possible areas of the chart (revealing different aspects of life) or signs, that reveal different aspects of the self.

Following Uranus, we look at the Planet Neptune, to discover our creative, artistic inclinations, talents or strengths- to once again scrape the surface. Being a very deep and mystical planet, it can be challenging to put into words- which can describe exactly the areas of life that correspond to the areas of the chart that this planet resides in- indicating a very poetic and illusive quality- where ever it reigns power within the chart. In a strong (supported) placement of the chart, elementally as well as in regards to prominence, this is a planet that will bestow great beauty, gentility, softness and compassion. On the other hand it can make things very confusing, and difficult to grasp- wherever it resides within the chart (individuals life and psych, indicated by placement within the birth chart).

Lastly but not least, we look to the planet Pluto- to reveal where and how in life the individual will experience a great depth of mystery, emotion, turmoil and destruction. This is an intense planet that will show us the darker, more hidden aspects of an individual, be it strongly prominent or lurking in the depths of the psych on a more subtle level, waiting to be triggered and surfaced. So skimming the surface of the chart analysis as a journey, and the symbolism of all the layers of the heavens in their relationship to and influence over us, as earthly beings…we can begin to see that there is a world of great wonder and wisdom held within this great and ancient philosophy.

And in the age of information, it is up to each and every one of us to delve into and discover the beautiful nuggets of wisdom held within this realm of spiritual and scientific philosophy, once called Astronomy, before the divided separation segregated the more tangible from the unseen. I wish you all well on your journeys of self discovery and understanding.

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