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Thought is action in rehearsal. Sigmund Freud

Of recent, I have been giving thought to the unmatched value of time as being our only one true possession in life. As someone very special to me once said, there are 3 things you can do with your time. You can waste it, sell it or invest it. Often we become confused with how to best spend our time, yet I feel one thing to be important above all…That a moment enjoyed is never wasted. To invest our time on another note, is to see that results lie in being willing to give oneself to a cause greater and beyond instant gratification. We apply ourselves when we see the value in persisting patiently in order to prepare for rapid results once we are able to make the most from them.

When we invest our time, we use it wisely for the greater good and return of rewards in value. When we waste time, we are feeding the desire for instant gratification rather than maintaining awareness of the wealth we have in filling our time with meaningful and productive pursuits. To waste time is to relinquish our value and worth simply by not appreciating the power of our choice in how we spend our passing life. It is said that “we get ahead, when others are wasting time” and I feel this to be the essence of personal success…to understand the power of investing in not only oneself, but in the strength of purpose and clarity in life direction.

Time is of the essence. Without it we die. We trade this one commodity for everything in life that sustains us. It gives us the power of choice and to respect and honour this gift of personal power is to live with the most intelligent grace whereby we are enhanced every step of the way, in value and appreciation rather than depreciation. To learn the value of a second, ask a silver medalist. To learn the value of one month, ask the mother of a premature baby. To know the value of nine months, ask the mother of a still born. We can learn through such passages of time, of the gravity contained in the choices made in a passing moment.

I wonder if you considered the value of your time, just for one minute today. Would you change anything that you are doing in your life, to make it count that little more? I wonder if you took a moment now, to contemplate how you are spending your most valuable wealth, and one true possession. How would you feel about the choices you make? If you take one moment right now to consider how differently you might live, if today was one of your last? Would you tell someone how much you really loved them? Would you speak your truth like it really mattered? Would you get up that hour earlier each day? I wonder if you knew how much time left you really had.. If you would make the decision to change what’s not right for you? I wonder what you would do, if you only knew.

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