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Time and time again through life we find ourselves at the peak of uncertainty and doubt that clouds the clarity we hold so dearly in our hearts. Facing such internal hurdles can be felt like an earth quake, shaking the very foundations of faith within that ripple out into our outer world. I myself have been confronted with questions of my own around what it is that has formed the wall between myself and the feeling of connection with my world. Most of us at some point have felt disconnected and alone over the journey as a natural part of being human, and out of my own moments I have come to contemplate quite deeply the possibility of transforming such darkness.

It suddenly dawned on me, as if such realization had been working it’s way from my conscious mind all the way down into the deeper layers of understanding and knowing…that we are the filters through which our lives play out, in every way. Our relationships with the people around us are especially reflective of this in being a mirror for us to truly learn about ourselves. What has recently come to my attention is the connection between intimacy and compassion. I feel this one quality can transform the most solid emotion instantly to a powerful wisdom. I have come to feel that the most profound healing tool when it comes to love and relationships, no matter what form they are in, is compassion.

Compassion is the intelligence of the heart that breaks down any barriers between people that exist. Through my own journey I have found this to be true time and time again in overcoming the internal obstacles projected outwards into our connections with others. Instantly through the power of compassionate awareness of others, I myself have been able to step out and beyond my state of “self” centred being and into a sense of complete love and faith in the human heart – to connect with others in a deep and honest way. I believe that compassion is one of the fastest and most intelligent ways of connecting truly with others in the realm of the heart. The very word itself say “compass” – ion, thereby allowing us to set free any uncertainty, to have clarity and be able to “move” on from any hooks that hold us down.

The word “ion” is what scientifically allows energy to pass, move and go from one thing to another, which gives me the sense that “compassion” allows us to move freely with clarity and direction, certainty and confidence. When we are unsure about the intentions of others out of fear or distrust, we are projecting out survival instincts that are primal and restrictive and a perspective. Such lens only allows us to see so far, limiting us in our vision and capacity to see clearly. I feel that when the heart is open and in a state of compassion and love… we can truly see from the feeling space of being free within, once again to connect with the world around us.

I wonder if next time you feel emotions from the state of fear around your connections and relationships with others, if you might take a moment to settle and collect your thoughts. I wonder if in doing so, you could sit with those in your space and mind and look at them in the light of love and human compassion. If you could take one hurdle you have faced in connecting truly with those around you, and place this within the feeling of deep consideration for another’s wellbeing…would your perspective and feelings maybe change? I wonder if next time your were unsure, could you take a moment to sit in meditation to find compassion within your heart, to move beyond yourself and into a state of selfless freedom and deep spiritual love…as I have been so blessed to do.

Take a moment now to consider any hooks that you feel hold you back from connecting with others. Maybe you too could find a peaceful place within you that sets free all of the emotions of fear and distrust. Maybe you too could then move on beyond the survival instincts of limited vision and into a space of complete love and healing from wihthin.

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