New Moon in Taurus

Taurus New moon is a time when we find that the hardships we face can be seen as the mud for the bricks that build our very dreams. Look not to the mud as the dirt that it contains, but what is required as the foundations of our life. We must look to our struggles as mud for the bricks that build our dreams, not as the dirt that it contains, but what is required as foundations for life.  

The Taurus new moon signifies a time of solid energy being faced, in whatever realm that Taurus may occupy for our personal charts. For myself, this new moon took place within my 8th house. When looking at a person’s natal birth chart, the “8th house” is simply an area of the chart that corresponds with an area of the heavens that has a certain Astrological influence over our soul compass. In my personal chart, this moon taking place in my 8th house, which represents the deepest most internal aspect of the psych, being ruled by the sign of Scorpio and planet Pluto.

The opposite sign of Taurus, Scorpio is like fire to the earth, helping to bring out the best, buried deep within…hidden beneath the surface of the hard exterior (just as an aside, as to why opposites attract). Scorpio is like the goldsmith that takes the ore from the earths core, and melts it into a beautiful shiny pendant…through transformational demolition and rebirthing. During this his new moon phase, may be helpful to remember that we experience change and transformation for a purpose, no matter how painful the sharpening of our pencil may be.

Like a pendant, You may walk through fire and be melted down. Cut and polished, sharpened and ground. But you must remember what it’s all for.  Dearest ore, it’s worth all you endure. You will be taken from the earth and once again reborn…As a beautiful pendant, shining and restored. Deep from the earth, you will emerge…as a symbol of faith, beyond the verge. 

This new moon especially is a time for reflection, as it becomes black in the night sky for us to look more towards the inner life. Rather than becoming focused upon distractions of the outer realm, we must remember our purpose and calling…to become like shining pendants as armor for our destined selves. 

The Taurus new moon is a time of solidifying, grounding and strengthening through the centering of our thoughts, emotions and energy. Through this moon phase we are called to become stable and calm, to see things clearly and plan ahead. 

Taurus new moon tend to bring to the surface any issues around “stability, love, security, human connection and health” …and what these may mean to us on deeper more personal levels is always different for each individual which can be seen when we look at where the new moon is taking place relative to a personal birth chart. 

Overall, this new moon will have brought forward a feeling of responsibility for ones own self and life direction as we each realise that we are our own foundation in life for the greatest possible chance of fulfillment and comfort. What does fulfillment, comfort and connection mean to you? This new moon has us deeply considering our own role in manifesting our destiny, and how best we can build our dreams. 

Taurus brings us to focus upon the ground beneath our feet and how strong it is to hold the structure we intend on creating out lives with. This week our lives take on a new energy of considering the stability beneath and whether it is the contains the right material to hold the vision of our future we hold in our hearts. In doing so, we can begin to realign ourselves out of our clarity…with the tools to help make manifest those things we need to build our dreams. 

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