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When looking at others, it would be a short coming to judge by any given snapshot of what we see from being an outsider. We see the surface of the lake that most people present to the world as their face, reflecting the world around them. What lies beneath however can run as deep as the earth and as dark as the night. What goes on behind the scenes of anyone’s life is what they may consider as the material that makes the end result possible. What we produce in life is what we consider worthwhile of every little lesson and sacrifice along the way. 

In Chinese Philosophy, it most often takes one extreme to produce another. As seen in the image of the Yin Yang symbol…one opposite is always the birth place of the other. The greatest turmoil and struggle is often the foundations one faces on the journey towards knowing how to steady oneself for the ride. We do not learn how to find serenity in the calm…we find this ability within us through the refinement of our endurance, understanding and wisdom, through the sharpening that is often painful. Through it all, we can become clear, like the words written on paper.

Without the painful processes of such sharpening of our senses, we sometimes never have the opportunity to reach so far deep within to find the wisdom in how to best meander through the storms. People may wonder what takes place behind the scenes of the play we show on stage, yet behind the curtains…we must always know, it is not one’s intention to hide. It is to leave behind the hurdles and bring the best to the world for the purpose of giving. Great accomplishment requires great sacrifice…and it is that sacrifice that becomes part of the achievement, so much so that the triumphant only see it as part of the journey rather than hurdles in the way. 

Giving of ourselves is a known requirement of attainment, to all who have ever succeeded in anything they loved. We must understand that anything we desire in life, takes energy and honour as a foundation upon which to stand strong. What we create in life is a direct result of what we are willing to pour into our dreams. It is the hardship and challenges that we must transform into strength as earth becomes metal through great endurance in the face of pressure and time. Like metal, we too must use the pressure we face to overcome the tests of time and build our strength, to make us who we are. 

It is in using our challenges that we are transformed and are able to shine, like the metal that is made into a beautiful pendant. It takes hard times. It takes pressure. That is what the strong metal is made of. And to be cut, melted down and reborn into the making of a pendant is something that not many are willing to do. But consider this…If the beautiful pendant is what you want for life… to represent your love, your journey and your meaning, the challenge to endure the hardness of the earth over time…is worth it

You will walk through that fire and be melted down. You will be cut and polished to the core. But you must remember what it is all for! It will take time and patience, humility and faith…but through your endurance you will be restored. You will emerge deep from the earths womb as a shining pendant for all to see. And when you get there, you will be free. But be sure to remember that from that day…anything you dream of, takes time and faith.

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