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As I sit at Charles De Gaule airport in Paris waiting for our flight back to Turkey, my attention is brought to the purpose of all things. I believe that each of us has a purpose and to know what that is, is to be in love with life through the clarity that allows us to see it’s perfection. Our purpose is our reason why. It is our driving force that lies at the heart of all that we do, all that we say, that we choose and that we are. 
Our purpose is our inspiration behind the direction in which we are drawn. Our purpose provides for us, that very essence of attraction to others, in guiding us towards those we choose to surround ourselves with, in knowing how they help to complete our mission, balance us in the pursuit of our calling and open channels that make way for us to move towards fulfilling our visions. When we know what we are here to do, we attract those who believe in what we are here to create.
Living with purpose allows us to celebrate that which we value, in every moment of our experience, as it shapes our destiny through the gift of gratitude. I feel that there is not one thing more empowering than knowing, choosing and creating… the reason why we are here, and to have that clear in the mind. In any moment of weakness we can instantly be brought back to balance through the power of perspective in knowing where we are going and why. 
No matter what happens around us, the only thing that happens to us…is our experience, which we choose ourselves. To own the manner in which we experience the world, is one of the most liberating levels of self evolution through the power of accountability. To be in a victim mindset is powerless, pointless and debilitating. Sure there will always be challenge and suffering through life. It is inescapable! But what I believe we must do, is take our focus away from that which hurts by transforming it into the fuel that drives us in the opposite direction. 
At any given moment we have the power to choose where we direct our attention. I have found my dreaming state to be the most healing and liberating tool in transforming any emotion of hurt or pain throughout my life. To wonder about the possibilities and potential of a different reality has been the one thing that has brought such dreams to fruition. In my own life, it has been the vision within that often seemed so crazy from an outer perspective, that has brought me to a place where such things are not only possible, but brought into existence…because of my own willingness to dream, in faith of what could be.
My question to you is…what is it in your life right now that you could completely abandon and leave behind, if you only gave yourself permission to dream another reality? What is your mission in life that matters more than the obstacles you are facing? I believe that when we look past the obstacles, they fade away and become just bugs on the windscreen…when we see clearly where we are going. Do not let the bumps on the side of the freeway scare you. Use them as the wake up calls they are, that help you know its time to realign yourself with the road ahead. 

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  1. Leah this is so apt for me at this moment. I am struggling with severe jetlag. Awake at 2 am after dropping without intention to sleep when I first came home from work. I taught today with a foggy head about stigma and stereotyping around families and drug use. When I woke at 1am on my mum's old couch that provides me so much comfort my thoughts were "I can't go tomorrow and teach again". Reading your blog about purpose bought me back to who I am and what my purpose is…to create in the minds of students the inspiration to challenge what they know or believe and to go out and explore new knowledge and new ways of being. Hopefully I will wake again in a few hours fresh and ready to do that. Thanks

  2. Marg Thank you!
    I am so grateful for your sharing and glad to know that my words have been encouragement, especially to you. It's an honor to have inspired you, as someone who greatly inspires me, and many many others in such an incredibly meaningful way. Your work changes the lives of many, as your teachings and words encourage students to make a difference in the lives of so many who really need support. You are such a strong woman already and to have helped you through one little moment of fatigue has made me grateful beyond words. I know you have such a deep impact on so many lives and I am honored to be one of them. Thank you!

  3. Well you did help me and I managed to teach again the next day without too much drama. The Liberal govt here has slashed budgets to TAFE and again I start the battle for education for all…so keep pushing me to fight for what I believe in. Jess contacted me today and asked where you were. If you have a chance send her an inbox message, she said she was in a good space so that is wonderful. You yourself sound more grounded than ever….my jetlag has finally eased…forced rest, I had to be kind to myself
    lots of love and hugs xxxxxx

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