The Elite Perspective

Awake at 4am once again, I rise at the knowing that this mental energy is too much to ignore. I am inspired by the idea that this is the rising time of champions who train for Olympics, the time elite athletes wake in commitment to condition themselves in preparation for competition. For me, this is now the time that my subconcsious demands me to rise…out of the desire to get more out of life, by committing more of myself, applying my time, energy and undistracted focus. Inspired by the great achievers such as Bruce Lee, The Nobel Prize winners and Olympic champions, I see this time as the most potent and powerful in allowing me to go that extra mile and get that little bit more out of life that makes the difference.
Not enough time is the most famous excuse in the book. I’ve used it and we have all used it at some point, but the truth is, when we say that…what we are really saying is, it’s not important enough to me. The beautiful thing is, I am beginning to really become closer to myself, as I wake at this time more and more each day, spending time alone in the silence of the night, reflecting on what matters, without distraction, other than our little puppy Chihuahua who rests on my leg as I type. Awakening more and more each morning to this space, I have begun to see more deeply into the realm of what it is I really want “out of” life. From this questioning, I am also seeing more clearly, what it is that is required to accomplish this…what it takes.
Over the years I have grown to be known as someone who rests little, and stops at little in doing what I love, juggling a Practice with completing studies and working with Youth as well as writing and publishing my first book this year. Having recently moved overseas for the first time, out of the fifty something times that I have moved in my life (last count)…I have had a little time to adjust and begin to settle. Change is nothing new to me it’s safe to say, but this is somewhat of a significant change in being so different from the rest. I have come the furthest in more ways than one, beyond just the physical. This for me, has been an uprooting of a different kind, and while I am familiar with such unexpected transitions, this one has also seen it’s growing pains.
Coming from a place of deliberate dedication to doing what I love, working with young people in need as well as clients in recovery, I have recently found it challenging to be without such a strong sense of evident responsibility and contribution, that I have grown so dependant on. The challenge for me, through these growing pains, has been to simply realign my perspective to understand where that responsibility and contribution now lies. It is a universal truth that nothing ever dies and is in reality only ever transformed and reborn in new light…and in remembering this, I have been able to shift my perspective. Reframing my reality has taken some time, but I feel this challenge has been very much worthwhile, as most every challenge is.
Asking myself, where am I responsible now? Where am I contributing now? has been an intelligent inqury that has come from the tireless effort to uncover the purpose in my new foundation for living. The answers to these questions have given me an incredible sense of clarity that makes everything feel so much more vivid and alive, more colourful and dynamic. Who am I responsible to now? Myself!! Leah, It’s about time, I say! Where am I contributing now? Well finally I am free and able to build the foundations of a dream long held dear to me…bringing my purpose to the paper for others to learn. Finally I have no barrier between me and this canvas upon which I paint. And so, I realise now that this is my contribution to the world. On an even greater scale, as I grow as a person and learn the art of patience.

This has been yet another level of learning, to master the art of perspective. It has been a blessing to be awakened to this new found form of contribution that I now have. To work diligently towards a greater sphere of service, through the words on the screen. Through the insights and inspirations that I share with the world, beyond the reach that I ever had before. The live the dream of being all that I ever wanted to be…it was an unfamiliar daunting thought at first, but here I am. Nothing stands in my way. Not me, not time…not anything. So in honour of this learning, I share with you…my greatest discovery yet, that everything we live for and everything we want, can be found right here and now. All we need to do is look a little closer. If you feel there is something missing in your life…let my certainty be your comfort…that everything you need is right there. All you need to do is choose to see it’s perfect form.

Where is your love? Where is your purpose? How are you powerful? Where are you wealthy? And to what do you wish to really dedicate your life to? No excuses….not even Time!

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