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“Everybody stumbles across a golden opportunity at least once in their life time. Unfortunately most people just pick themselves up, dust themselves down and walk away from it.” – Winston Churchill

Abundant with choices and decisions to make, we live in a world where there is a constant presence of possibilities at every turn. Either chipping away to reveal the treasures that lie within, or building a vision to reveal what can be, we are the masters of our destiny that ultimately choose what we create. From the moment we rise to the last thought at night, every little minute of our waking hours hold unlimited potential to become, whatever we wish. 
There have been many times I have had choices to make in which direction to take…and I count my blessings each day for every little turn that has shaped my life. To live without regrets is an ultimate goal for many if not most and while some feel it to be unrealistic, I stand in the knowing that it is the very power that comes with the wisdom of knowing how truly perfect we are…in being a beautiful balance of dark and light…weak and wise. To regret or resent anything would be to relinquish our right to be at peace and in gratitude.
How have I attained appreciation for all that has come to be in my own life? Simple…It is the one thing that I know is my choice alone, to look and look again until I see the perfect purpose in whatever it is that has taken place in my life. To understand how something has served not only me, but all of the greater evolution surrounding me…has been the key. The knowing attained in determination, through the honest search of how something has served us and others is the bridge to discovering that feeling of “no regrets”.
In my own imagination I have explored endless possibilities of what could have been over what was, and I have found this very power to serve me in seeing how perfectly aligned life always is with whats to come. Every little so called mis-take or failure can then been seen for what they truly are…for the gifts and blessings that teach us our greatest lessons of what lies beneath the surface of life’s facades. 
I wonder if you took time today to contemplate how differently your life would be, without the wisdom you now have from the lessons of your life…how grateful you might become in facing the truth. In seeing clearly with a heart of love, how incredibly perfect your every choice has been in serving your evolution…and awakening you to what you needed to learn, I wonder how free you would then become. 
Take a minute now to free yourself from regret or resentment for anything that has happened in your life. Imagine what could have been, and know that what has come to be…has served you endlessly in shaping the beautiful you that is alive today.  Live your life without regrets and leave resentment at the door, as you enter the realm of awakening…for there is no place for them there. Only love and gratitude. 

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