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Turn your gaze towards the light and the shadows fall behind you. Raise your eyes to greater heights, and the sunshine may surprise you. Like snakes lying in the sun, your skin will shed. The outgrown and dead. Look beyond the thorns, and there you’ll see what grows. From a seed that was born, now you will find a rose.

Cut away at the overgrown, though it may look bare, Let the light come through to help renew, but only if you dare. With the room to grow, the tree will know, with seeds to sew which way to go. Rising up towards the light, the stems are free from struggle and fight.

Summer comes and colours are born, with roses red and bearing thorns. Those who forget to look up high, never see the reasons why. For they don’t see beyond the thorn, on which their winter coat was torn. They forgot to look up higher before their spirits began to tire. Fixed their gaze upon the clouds, stuck among herds and crowds.

They never took that faithful leap, to see above where the mountains peak. All they heard was the people speak, of the clouds that made their day so bleak. All they knew was the clouds and dew that took their light away. All they could see was grey…Fixing their gaze, away from the rays behind. They only saw what was in their mind.

I wonder if you took a moment now, to look for the sun beyond the clouds…How much different you would feel. If you only knew the day was real. That darkness is only in our mind. And therefore what we find. I wonder if you could then be free. To be whatever you wanted to be. Dancing with joy in the fields of Spring, to the song inside you, that your heart sings.

I wonder if you could only see, there inside you the Jasmine tree…Growing wild and intertwined, sent from heaven so you could climb, the beautiful flowered and fragrant vine…Would you then know the beauty you hold? If you listened now as you were told. If you could see as I do now, How far you come..would you be proud?

Little red rose, you grew so fast…Everyone knows, you’re not your past. You rose above the thorns of hurt, and made the best from your roots of dirt. ¬†You grew right through the toughest earth, because you knew your very worth. Now reborn, with all your thorns that make you who you are. Made in the image of stars, Shining light on the world below.

You are here for a reason you know. Listen close now, listen here…I’ve seen you cry, every little tear. But there is one thing you must know…And there are seeds that you must sew. For you are the rose that brings love to the world. When you open your heart like a shell to the pearl.

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