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What are you passionate about? What change would you like most to see? Where does your heart wish to see the world be? The answer to these questions for me lies in the desire to see humanity be set free from restrictive beliefs about how small we aught to play the game of life. The change I would most like to see in the world lies in the shift that is possible when we open to the force within, that dissolves the roots of depression, disease, addiction and pain. Deep within me lies a calling to step forward and speak up for those who need to hear it most…That freedom from all of this is possible through the gateway of the heart, when we live from a place of purpose, mission and passion. 
To overcome oppression, to rise above depression, grief and pain, I believe what is required is a change in heart whereby our direction is shifted into something far more powerful than any of the above. There is no greater force than the conviction of intention that comes from the heart, and it is with this love that we are able to create any changes that we so desire. Let your reason for being the force of change become greater than your obstacles, and you shall surmount anything on the way, rather than allowing it “in” your way. Nothing gets in the way of those who are clear, purposeful, convicted and driven. No reason is greater than one’s cause that goes beyond themselves. Not one reason, not one circumstance, will get in their way.
When we become driven from within, aligned with a cause greater than ourselves and moved by a mission of service to the world, we allow nothing to get in our way. Our purpose becomes us, takes over our life and fills us with clarity, energy and strength, in knowing why we do everything that we do. Time will not get in our way, nor people, opinions or excuses, for our hunger and thirst for accomplishment is greater and far more powerful than any minor detail we encounter along the way…they just become part of the journey, part of the foundations that built our very dreams. Next time you feel dis-empowered, remember your purpose and find that place within that calls you forward. Step into your dreams…and you will be free. 
Above anything that happens along the way, we have the greatest power in having the last say, over how it impacts us. Whatever experiences we encounter, we have the ultimate choice over whether it becomes fuel to help us to where we want to go, or a setback on the journey there. Look to others who make a difference in the world, that move you…and emulate their actions…for you too will move in the direction of achievement, in following the path of power. Look to those who inspire you, to become empowered by allowing them to awaken you within. Seek out those who shine as leaders of hope…for they will remind you of the possibilities that come from the place of purpose. In following the footsteps of the great, you too will be empowered and driven to dissolve perception of restraint.

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