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There are many things that will influence our personal fate over our journey here on the physical plane, and the most powerful force in our life is our selves. We have choices every breathing moment of our day. Some bigger than others although each and every one of these choices contribute to a much larger picture, which is our experience of life.

We are most certainly affected very much by our environments and upbringings although we ourselves, grow into the most influential keys in the unfolding of our destiny. We each are born with certain strengths and weaknesses, talents and gifts (which we can see within the birth chart)… although it is up to us to notice these and appreciate them.

It is up to us individually to work on these and develop them, so that we can use them to get us where we want to go in life. Everyone grows to want different things and certain experiences and it is ultimately our choice to get there or stay where we are as a result of past circumstances.

Many people end up continuously stating the reasons why they are stuck or remaining in a situation in which they were placed as a result of certain things that occurred to them. The people who are not complaining about such issues on the other hand, have committed themselves to their visions. These people have applied themselves and developed every facet of their being in order to make their vision possible.

It takes a long testing road of application, learning and also the realization of personal values to get to the point of being committed to personal dreams. Life does not always give very easily, in fact the most valuable things come after much challenge, perseverance and belief. If we do not have this in ourselves to begin with then how is it that our environments are going to provide us with it.

Our surroundings are a reflection of our own inner world. We choose the environments in which we live. Even if this is on a subconscious level, we deliberately surround ourselves with energies and environments that match and support our own.

As human beings we are creatures of habit and our homes and work places are part of our habituated ways of being. It is first us who choose our environments for many reasons and then our surroundings that continue to influence us and our energies as space is an entity of its own.

Certain places attract certain types of experiences and opportunities. Space is like a womb that nourishes particular energies that will manifest over time with the right conditions. Where we choose to spend time has a very strong influence over our destiny and life journey.

Different places have different life force energies that can be likened to our own thought fields and belief patterns. They can either hold us back or empower us to move closer towards our dreams and aspirations, supporting us through the trials and turbulence of both life and time.

First published: (2007-03-17)

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