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There are Four Basic Elements that we need to live healthy lives:

Fire (Sun light)
Earth (Natural foods)
Air (Fresh clean air)
Water (Hydration) “Drying is dying.”
Sickness only exists when we do not get enough of these elements. When we are first born, we are around 90% water…as we grow into adult we are usually around 70-80% water…and when we die, we are around 50-60% water…what does this say? And just think, if the moon governs the gravitational pull over our waters (& fishermen know this), then does this not effect our own em- OCEANS and behavior. Well, maybe contemplate- where did the term Luna-tick come from?
This brings me to question whether we as people spend enough time getting to know ourselves, so that we can understand the triggers that we have- and therefore equip ourselves with the awareness to disarm these triggers. As it is in knowing ourselves that we are less inclined to react to the outer world and more inclined to drive the course of our lives rather than be distracted and persuaded by ignorance and lack of understanding (especially with regards to matters so important as our own health and well being).
Dis-ease…being the sign that something under it’s surface is & has been going wrong… is most often a result of poor choices over a period of time, that have commonly lead to a build up of toxic waste within the body…The illness itself- is the release of such waste! Like a warning light that is telling us to stop and take a look at how we live- similar to the warning light of a car, telling us there is something wrong with our breaks. Taking a drug to stop the symptom (warning light)…will only make things worse and cover the problem up. And whats more, it doesn’t even deal with or cure the cause!
Ailments are surface issues that lead us back if we choose to question, where they came from. We need to look at our health, & wellness (physically and mentally)- as a whole, like a beautifully and intricately woven web intertwined and not separate from the ripple effects of surrounding influences.
When speaking of illness/ dis-ease… if you want  to find a cure for your pain…..your pain/ illness/ dis-ease IS the cure! It is our bodies way of expressing its uneasiness, letting it out via the flu/ the chimney of the house, or a cold, to release the mucous, phlegm and congestion and so on. And by the way, if you ever have a sore throat, don’t run to the doctor, suck on rock salt (not iodised) and see how “instantly” it goes.
Did you know that people who eat refined (oidised/table) salt, develop cravings for salt, because it does not satisfy their needs, which leads them to eat more and more of it- placing strain on their kidneys and adrenal glands (which are important for calcium utilisation) An excess of refined salt interferes with the absorption of nutrients and depletes calcium! While sea salt enhances the calcium absorption and nutrient utilisation (to just scrape the surface of the healing properties of sea salt).
And if ever you have a “cold or flu”- drink honey lemon water- to flush and heal, as honey breaks down mucous and lemon will cleanse like nothing else. Yes it is very simple, so why then do so many panache and run to grab ANTI-biotics- to kill and shut down the natural order of the body- leading to further (congestion) problems down the track, with the mucous and waste being blocked from leaving the body once attacked by the drugs to dry up and behave!
And did you also know that just abut all heart conditions can be completely healed within 90 days, without any surgery or drugs, just by eating 3 grapefruit a day! “Well I don’t like grapefruit” you might say, yes I know, the problem is you have to chew them…how funny are we. Well do you like life? Do you want to have a blocked heart and reduce your life expectancy? I thought not.  It really is more simple than we think. There is no mystery about dis-ease. We are it’s cause. And we have the power to undo it. With nature’s tools- not poisonous fighting weapons, made by man.
Nature has it all figured out. Why not ask yourself…why is it that we shut such release processes down with suppressant drugs (that are toxic and poisonous)… that “fight” our body and its natural innate intelligence ??? Why then, are we allowing ourselves to be “practiced” upon by General Practitioners (doctors) in trying to cure…the cure itself?
Did you know that more than 96% of Doctors in the United States have no training what so ever in Nutrition! Just think about that. Doctors are not trained in health, they are trained in sickness and the drugs they dispense/ prescribe! Why do we not ask ourselves where our dis-eases originate from- and correct our lifestyles and behaviors to undo that which was “our own doing” in the first place….most often being the consumption of packaged and lifeless- “CRAP”
so called foods and drinks- without sufficient sun-light, air & exercise? -that we are bombarded with and subconsciously flooded with as a result of intelligent & constant mass marketing.
Why is it that we run to the “professionals” who are ever so ready to write out a script for mediSINS to put a stop to the natural (& wise) ways of “our” bodies- shedding toxins in the form of a “symptom”? Do they ever stop to ask how we got there? Do they ever stop to ask what we eat, how much we exercise, drink water and so on? NO! Why not?
Why is it and how is it that a Doctor will only spend a few minutes with you to do their job? Is that all our health is? Why is it that we hand our power over, and disregard natures powers of healing…Why is it that we forget to look to the earth for the answers? Ask yourself these questions. Hopefully the answers will give you some FOOD 4 thought:)
Below is a poem I wrote earlier this year, that I feel sums all of this up quite well…
With Love.
Purify and self educate
Don’t degenerate
Take responsibility
Don’t ignore your accountability
A generation
Stuck on medication
There is no need
For such pharmaceutical greed
It’s all in self care
For those who will dare
To go their own way
And not be lead astray
By the news on TV
And the ads that they see
It’s so simple to know
The medicine is easy to grow
In the back yard
It’s not that hard
Don’t be a dill
It’s not in a pill
It grows in the dirt
It doesn’t have to hurt
Do it today
Keep the doctor away
Eat your fruits
Go back to the roots
The earth is the sage
If you don’t want to age
Your body is a gift
For you to preserve
Don’t you think
It’s what you deserve?
FACT: “Your skin is your largest organ – shouldn’t you know what you feed it everyday? 1100 chemicals that are banned in Europe are still allowed in our lotions, nappy rash creams, lipsticks, aftershaves and other personal care products”!
The consumers are in control ~ wake up the sleeping giant!! Find alternatives & pursue them!
Article first published in 2010.

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