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Tomorrow’s Full Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse is aligned with not only the Sun, Venus and Mercury opposite, but also Mars in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces! What does this all mean? Well…being in the fire sign of Sagittarius, we can expect vast visions to come, as we travel to far places within our higher mind (or physical body) – like the archers arrow, set free from the bow, we have an open door now that sets us free to explore, expand and venture to new territory of experience.

This planetary alignment is called a Grand Cross, and is taking place in “mutable” signs which are known as the signs of change, movement and vibration, helping to shift things along into their next phase of evolution, which is  exactly the archetype / energy and influence of the Lunar Eclipse!

What this means is that now we have a window of time in which this planetary alignment is taking place that draws us to allow what needs to happen, rather than forcing events, to go with our own “flow” and natural magnetic soul compass. This alignment also takes place as Neptune begins to appear moving backwards in orbit from the perspective of earth. Neptune going retrograde at this time, gives this a new dynamic and further influence of encouraging us to look within for the answers, rather than depending upon anything outside of us.

Neptune going “retrograde” signifies a time of deep spiritual experience and exploration of that which is unseen (energy / feelings / attitudes / soul) that exist either beneath the surface or on higher realms (heaven). This is a time to go “within” and draw upon our natural desires to lead us through life into the unknown – as we move forth from an eclipse, which brings New Beginnings.

A “grand cross” brings needed changes, so this lunar phase is likely to bring notable transformation on many levels and scales, on both the level of the body-mind as well as globally. Given the strong “gravitational” pull of the moon over our earths energy (water), we cannot expect things to stay the same at this time. Stagnation will surface and will no longer be hidden, and will require our attention where we have previously been neglecting to keep up with ourselves.

This may be an uncomfortable time in ways, but is really about bringing things to light that need our attention and focus so that we may live fully, with no stone un-turned for later regret. This brings a window of time that colours the journey with new experiences that shape our evolution. Be creative in writing the next chapters of your life from this time, as the fresh canvas is all yours, and if you let go of what you need to…there will be so much more room to paint the exact image that you hold within your heart-mind & vision within.

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