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I have just just returned home from 3 months travelling around the world from 3 weeks in the beautiful Ubud Bali, to the states where I spent most of my adventure, also visiting Vegas, Disneyland & Mexico. I had the blessing of visiting Istanbul, Turkey on Anzac Day and going back to Paris for the 3rd time and visiting Vancouver Canada for the 1st time for Miss World Canada. It was quite the journey to say the least. While I experienced the world from a completely new angle of everything being brand new, different and fascinating, from seeing Seals for the first time in Marina Del Rey to learning new ways of looking at the world and developing friendships with some really lovely people…I grew to learn on a far deeper level, how much the life that I live here back home, really means to me. 
Melbourne is to me, an incredibly beautiful place and I am not just saying that in contrast of “just” coming home now, even though I have said it each time I have come home, having been now to over 16 countries. I have always loved this incredibly cultured place, for not only its stunning natural landscapes with parks and gardens in the city, with crisp fresh air in winter that makes walking bring you alive from the spirit to every cell. The colourful culture of Melbourne lies in it’s artistic celebration of poetry, people and the world. It feels like the whole world lives here! Visiting Victoria Market again for the first time on Saturday, had me feeling like a child again…in love with home!
Not only are these people who work at the Markets incredibly friendly, loud and down to earth, but they are clearly happy, in being connected to people…and that is what I missed most about being home. My beautiful connections with the people I have grown to know, even through my amazing journey, moving over 55 times…I have stayed mostly in Melbourne all of my life and have people I have grown to know, who I respect…and who know and respect me. This is something you cannot replicate in a day and it was something I craved,  as time went on while being away. 
While I value the lessons I learned in my travels before returning home and know that I always will…even more as time goes on and I realise how much of a difference they have made in who I am, being back in Melbourne brings me joy to feel that sense of belonging that I never knew existed so strongly in me. It is as though I finally found, that I belong somewhere…and that somewhere is in the life that I have created, that has a sense of purpose so strong and deep, that I cannot be taken from it. Yes I can write from anywhere in the world, but my experiences are what fuels the direction of the keys that I tap to the words on the screen. And what gives me the energy to write, is the space in which I live…the people in my life and experiences of living an abundant life of meaning, passion and purpose.
Environment is important to me and Melbourne is where I am confident. I have lived across Melbourne most of my life and I know it like the back of my hand. I love that you can just take a walk and be in nature close by here…getting lost in it’s mysticism and the smell of all the different native plants. The cafe culture and down to earth nature of this place are among the things that drew me back here to the life that I consider the ultimate balance, where work is not work, but part of what I feel called to do and what I love…that means the world to me, where I am inspired by the colour…and the culture of all nationalities that all live as one here…rich in all the best kinds of music and food. How blessed I feel to be home.

I take the learning from my time away as a treasure that I will always hold dear. Experiencing things that have blessed me with unique insight into the world, being welcomed into another world by some amazing people who opened their hearts and lives to me, gives me a sense of honour that I know has transformed who I am on the deepest of levels. My world has certainly changed from the inside out, as I have grown to see things in an entirely different light. I feel a new person, more empowered and thankful for everything I was blessed to experience in my travels over my 3 months away, and as I settle back into re-creating my life in Melbourne…I am excited about what lies ahead as I give my all with a fresh set of eyes, to the possibilities that I know are so very real…in being who I now am. 

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