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Astrologers must beware of the language used in the exploration of one’s chart or planetary influences relative to events. Over and over and over I have been asked by people in consultation “is that “good or bad”, to which I often laugh before explaining, after a question of what exactly that means. What is good and what is bad? Is it bad to be challenged? Is it bad to have adversity? Is that not what develops our strength and resilience? Does too much support not become debilitating in any sense? Even tragedy has it’s hidden blessings. 

I’ve seen it many times. I have experienced it myself, where one extreme without a doubt brings the other. In fact they are a sign of each other. Like a fever in the cold and overexertion leading to lethargy…with one opposing force, the other is shortly to follow like day to night as sure as birth and death are a part of life. Life has taught me always to question further and look beneath what may seem like “bad”, to find it’s hidden blessing. Like what may seem to be a tragedy that turns out to be one of the greatest blessings of one’s life, we must not forget that “everything” has it’s purpose, or it would just not “be”. 

The good, the bad and the ugly, what’s there to be afraid of when it’s all a part of growing and developing the character, the journey and the healing process. Those things that are seen as painful, can be realised as the essential thorns on the stem of a rose, simply part of the growing process and journey towards our flowering. Transits of darkness and struggle can be the most liberating times of our lives where we get to explore very different parts of ourselves, get lost in the storms and learn how to navigate our way out. The are often the smallest of little insects that get thrown across the windscreen on our way to self evolution, that we must remember are part of the journey…signs that we are moving towards the light.

We must not feel sad for the loss of our dead skin, it is merely a sign that we are moving more towards the light. Certain planetary challenges may either come our way or be part of our soul compass and what we carry into this life, but we must remember to see each struggle that holds us back only for the time in which we develop our strength and resistance, until such time that we spring forth like the archers bow with greater speed and force than would otherwise be possible without such challenge of being held back. Be not afraid of the dark. See the opportunity that exists within it to discover the inner light. 

Do not confuse good and bad or make them separate. Like the yin and yang symbol of the universe, one does not exist without the other. We all have all traits in our unique ways which express themselves in all kinds of ways, depending on our need for them and the situations at hand. Kind and cruel, just like the dual potential manifestations of experience   through each of the planets, each of our traits have a purpose and we must not forget it. For every hurdle there is a blessing and for every hardship there is healing. This is what’s important. 

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