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Ever wondered why there are certain properties on the market either for sale or lease at an unusually frequent rate?It is hard to know whether you can be sure  that a new home you are considering was the home to people who moved on to bigger more expansive lifestyles, after the growth they experienced in that home or if it was to the contrary. It may be that the last occupants were experiencing financial difficulties, health or relationship challenges that brought them to search for more suitable homes.

The question is what the last occupants (tenants or owners) moved on for, and if there has been a reoccurring pattern in particular life circumstances that have manifested while living in that building. There are some buildings that have a history of very specific types of ailments in its occupants, as well as the same types of misfortune or on the other hand, successes.

What’s important is the unique energy dynamic of the building and how it manifests in the lives of those utilizing the space. There is no denying that we are each affected by certain places in ways that become obvious to us over time, although it can then become a matter of changing the way the space is used, in order to harmonise the life force energy within certain areas of noticeable tension.

It has been recorded in Leah’s research and studies that there are many particular types of influences a building can have over the life and health of us living or occupying the space. For example, there have been certain places that have brought a very specific nature of misfortune to a number of occupants, after one another over time. On the contrary, some places have been noted to bring a particular degree of life successes to people after a short stay, bringing them to a point where they move on only to more conducive places, to mirror and suit their new more expansive lives, families or financial positions.

Since coming to practice energetic alignment with buildings with certain design principles, Leah has had numerous success stories with both businesses and homes, including flourishing practices with health professionals, sales with commercial properties and harmony in the home.

Given the nature of this process, it has been known to be a powerful catalyst for healing and transformation in people’s lives and in helping them reach their goals and grow as individuals, families or businesses. Used at all stages of design, including drafting and interior it can be referred to as the solution that prevents the need for life coping strategies as a result of energetic tension and imbalances in the home that influence our own energy fields immensely.

Consultations to homes and businesses are carried out by Leah in two stages of an initial assessment and analysis of the building, and secondly to present a report on all findings and recommendations, specific to the unique energy influences within the space.

Her advice is practical and specific with consideration to the requirements and goals of the occupants. The service includes recommendations with regard to space allocation, placement of furnishings, objects, alongside colour and materials. With a strong sensitivity to visual appeal, style and design needs this can be a highly transformational process once applied to a space.

This article was first published in 2007. Amazing what you find when you google yourself.

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