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On the 4th of July at 4:52am (AEST) the Full Moon takes place in the sign of Capricorn at 12 degrees in close orb to Pluto at 8 degrees. 

This is an important time to act wisely, prioritise and set your sights on the long term as we enter the new financial year. With the energy of Pluto here, it’s the perfect time to purify our lives and let go of things. 

Capricorn is the sign that asks us to “get real” while Pluto brings incredible change and though this may feel destructive, our growth depends on it even though it may not be clearly seen until time passes, it is the truth that helps us live gracefully in allowing nature to take it’s course. 

No matter the cause, change and transformation are the gift of learning that builds our strength and resilience. The energy of this full moon can bring a level of deep questioning as to what we are to do with the tools at hand, made up of the rubble of change, demolishing what once was. 

Like a blank canvas, this can be a tremendously creative lunar phase out of which powerful projects are begun. It’s time to map out the re-building process with a new plan, that has greater potential to withstand shaky ground. What we can learn from Pluto’s influence here is that only that which needs to change, will change. 

The solid is unshakable, and only that which has no real foundation to begin with will fall. Look at places in your life that need stronger foundations if you wish for them to last. What do you seek in life? Now is the time to begin paying more attention to feeding the plants you wish to grow. Is it your career, is it your family or relationships? What needs your love in order to become more sold now as we move forward into the 2nd half of this year?

This is a time of change from which we can learn. Take it by the horns and help things along in the direction you most wish them to move. Take control of the reins and be not reactive but creative in being the force that moves things forward from here. This is a deeply transformational time of strong feelings coming to light. Look closely in the mirror now as all aspects of your soul surface for reflection and deeper understanding that is powerful in helping to build your dreams with clarity and certainty. 

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