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Dissolving grief is an important process of shifting perspective and transforming the mindset and heart space of loss. As the butterfly leaves the cocoon, all things are in constant transformation in evolution, like the seasons and tides, the breathe and life…everything has it’s death. Release is what comes natural with wisdom in the knowing that the wounds we endure, bring light to the soul.

Lose a mother, and you “become” the mother, embodying the qualities you treasure, in knowing how precious they are. Lose a father and gain the strength of spirit that you know the value of. The art of letting go is the gift of gratitude that comes from understanding the fragile nature of life itself. The gift of grief is what teaches us the value of life and the importance of living it well.

Accepting the transition from form to spirit of a loved one takes a wisdom that knows the connection that cannot be broken, beyond space and time, on another level, in another realm…within the heart and soul. 

Grief is a debilitating bind that keeps us suffering through the perception of emptiness and pain, a heavy heart and feeling of loss. Clouded by the view that only sees what’s gone, when we are grieving we forget the blessings and lessons instilled in us through the experience of such deeply transformational challenge. 

Learning from the legacy of one’s life can remind us of the value that can be contributed through our gift of living such potentially powerful and yet so delicately fragile lives. Death gives meaning to life. It is what stirs passion, drive and purpose, through the determination to make our mark immortal in our spiritual echo, touching the lives of others. To let go, is to be set free on the deepest of levels. It is the greatest gift we could possibly be given. 

Letting go is the graceful thanks giving at the end of a chapter or the closing of a door, so love can be felt once more. Let the feeling of loss be transformed in your heart by allowing that new space be filled with wonder. Let that wound open you to the light and allow you to shine from within, for others to learn. These openings bring us closer to others, through the compassion in our hearts for those with whom we can relate. 

With the loving grace of mother nature we must keep on. With gratitude in our hearts, we are richer within, purposeful beyond pain to live with love. Letting go is the ability to see through the change and beyond the loss, to open the door and turn the page. 

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