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We have now just entered the month of the FIRE GOAT. The Goat is an earth animal, which is in harmony with the fire element. In the Chinese system of Astrology, the 5 elements (also an integral aspect of traditional Chinese medicine)…show that in nature / Universal Law, the Fire element, supports the Earth element as it transforms into ashes. 

This indicates a certain harmony this month, though given we are in the year of the DRAGON (another earth animal), this means the “earth element is super strong this month. 

Earth is the element that generally governs health, so it’s important to maintain balance this month by eating healthy “earth foods” and keeping physically active so as not to become energetically stagnant which leads to feelings of “heaviness” often associated with strong EARTH element. 

This month of the GOAT, can be challenging for those born in the Ox month between the first week of January and the first week of February or in the hours of the Ox between 1 – 3am. 

Those born in the hours of the Ox may find work to be a little more challenging (or slow) this month or that your children (if you have them) or work “need / demand” more from you during this time. During heavy “earth element” presence, we need to watch our energy levels and be sure to maintain good circulation with warmth and movement. 

Sugar cravings are a sign of earth imbalance, as this element is related to the stomach and spleen (earth organs) as well as the emotion of “worry”, which depletes the spleen. When the spleen energy is depleted, we tend to crave sweets (earth tastes). This means it’s a good idea to avoid refined sugars and be sure to have a good stock of fruit and honey for this month especially. 

It’s important not to over think in July, so it’s a good time to schedule some “me time” or simply play time to let the hair down and be entertained. Meditation is another incredibly powerful tool in helping calm the mind, so if you have not been doing this in a while, now would be the perfect time to reconnect with the soul energy and switch off from constant mental stimulation. 

If you would like to know more about your elemental balance and energetic dynamic, please send your question to If you have any kind of persistent health concern and would like to resolve it from it’s roots, using both Chinese & Western systems of Astrology is an incredible way of pin pointing elemental weaknesses and imbalances that can simply be corrected through such awareness. 

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