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A simple 10 minutes of the day, dedicated to connecting with the body, stretching the muscles and correcting poor posture can take mountains of stress away, and not only bring more energy to the day, but add years to your life. More and more women have been coming to me who have seen countless therapists, desperate to manage stress and pain, constantly dealing with unbearable symptoms. 

Today, my client said she has recently developed stomach problems because of the stress of having physical imbalances, that have only been temporarily kept at bay, keeping her dependant on frequent and costly regular treatments, that relieve only “symptoms”, with no real lasting results. I am sharing this with you because it pains me to see that so many qualified health practitioners are sending their clients home with no real lasting change or results, which is far too easily avoided with the right support. 

Tonight, my client told me she has given up on the regular physiotherapy and chiropractic care, in finally being able to break the dependence with new confidence in knowing the right self care principles…finally. Simple as that! Now she saves an incredible amount of money, is regaining her health and can finally feel more at ease in knowing her quality of life will only continue to improve from here.

Today’s clients also included a woman suffering insomnia, a new mother having difficulty with her baby not sleeping and a lady beginning her transition into the next phase of being a woman. What gives me the greatest fulfilment at the end of my day, is knowing that, the smallest of contributions that I have made, will go a long way towards increasing their quality of life. It is when women walk away with confidence in knowing how to support their own health naturally, that I am reminded of why I do what I do. 

The simple things that make the difference can be the smallest of changes, yet the most empowering tools in transformation towards better health and wellbeing. 

Today’s remedies included blends of pure essential oils with botanical essences, specific posture corrective stretches, muscle therapy, lifestyle assessments and self care advice, as opposed to pain killers, hormone replacement “therapy” or highly addictive, toxic sleeping pills and costly frequent visits to treat surface symptoms that provide only temporary relief…and boy am I pleased! Such a small change in direction such as these, can have vastly different destinations, later down the track. 

Today, I give thanks for the work that I feel so blessed to do. To be able to facilitate such  subtle yet life changing shifts, is an honour that I am grateful to have. Such simple little things brought to one’s awareness, such as environmental impacts on health, can change the way one looks at the world, and as a result, change the way they feel in all respects. Today I encouraged my client to assess her home for health hazards particularly around her bedroom and near her bed head, for possible influences, impacting on her difficulty to sleep. 

Never having considered this, needless to say she was more than willing and in fact eager to follow my advice. Sleeping problems can be a result of electro magnetic fields being omitted through the wall, on the opposite side of the bed head. Some examples are gas and electric metres and power boxes. I once turned down the offer of a beautiful rental apartment with a stunning view, for this reason. Directly on the other side of the bedroom wall was a huge power box, with power lines streaming from it. Immediately I made up my mind. Health is far more important than any view that you won’t be around long to see.  

Check to see if there are any possible health hazards in your environment and you could be saving yourself an incredible amount of pain later down the track. Many people who have developed Cancer have been found to have such hazards in their living space, so be sure to consider your “Building Biology” when dealing with health concerns. Sleeping issues may develop as a result of this and can creep up, having an accumulative effect, just as Cancer does. So remember to look at all possible contributing factors when it comes to your health, and go over details with a fine tooth comb, not to miss something that could quite easily be changed! 

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