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The New Moon in Leo brings us to the centre of our heart and the core of our being to reside in the essence of our spirit. It’s the one lunar phase of the year in which to live from love, and light the way for others…to lead and to illuminate from within, expressing through the heart centre…that which comes natural to us, honestly, openly and fearlessly, like a Lion in the jungle. 

It’s the moon to begin being self aware and centred, but to learn the value in doing so with the understanding that how we treat ourselves is how we treat others, given that our relationship with others, is always a mirror of our relationship with ourselves. 

So it’s time to overcome power struggles through self investigation and focusing on the inner workings of our being. This is the Astrological window to reflect on our life as it is relative to our own creation of all that we perceive. Take this heavenly influence as a sign that it is time to understand the power of our own interpretation in manifesting the life in which we live. We have the lunar ticking of heaven’s clock telling us it’s time now to create whatever we want, from the freedom of choice. It’s a time to remember the value of feeling joy in life over succumbing to the external forces of opinion. 

The Leo New Moon is the lunar tide that brings our most colourful dreams to the shore. Let your imagination run wild now and go with the flow of your inner drives. Now is the time to tap and tune into the profound meaning of simplicity in  our lives, with this dark moon allowing us to see the light within, to be guided by it and strengthened by such force. Take this dark moon as the opportunity to see the purpose of space in our lives, just as the life of a plant gains it’s ability to grow more rapidly in the light, after the older growth and excess has been cut away, just at the right time. Now is that time to let go and see the possibility born of the emptiness.

Through the ending of one chapter, we are opened to the freedom to choose change. The new Leo moon brings the light to those who let go and embrace the winds of change. This moon gives us strength in taking us back to our very basic nature, allowing us to shed the past so as to grow with the space to do so. Leo is the sign that governs the heart, and is ruled by the Sun…belonging to the fire element. Being so, it is time now to being living from the heart, to step out into the light. 

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