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We are coming to the new Virgo Moon…which brings us back to earth after the Blue Pisces Moon taking us on an incredible spiritual journey last month. Let this Virgo new moon ground your feet again to help you plant seeds of inspiration. Now comes the time to presence ourselves and return to the body…from the realm of the mind-imagination & dreaming, to manifest our vision. 

The New MOON in PISCES on the 16th brings a window of opportunity to spring forward with pure heart so as to re-create the world around us in the vision of love and inspiration.

Welcome this lunar phase with open arms in looking ahead with intentions of fulfilling your deepest desires for creative expression, personal refinement and greater clarity in direction. Let this dark moon allow you to glow from within for who you are on the deepest of levels. 

This lunar phase is the time to shine from within outwardly from the core in being true to your highest of values and vision. Walk in bare feet, connect with the earth and go back to basics, free from outer influence, directed from the whispers of intuitive guidance and soul certainty. Keep focused as we move into a time of stillness from which we can sprout out from the foundations of inner truth and determination. 

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