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The asteroid Chiron was discovered in the year of the snake…both associated symbolically with “healing”. Used as an image of medicine, the year of the Snake is upon us, with the global anticipation of the well known prediction of significant change from ancient Astrological calculations of the Mayan culture. Chiron is the asteroid that brings healing through the journey seeking to transform painful wounds into wisdom and strength.
The Snake is a fire animal rules the heart being the seat of consciousness which indicates a year of psycho-spiritual evolution and confrontation. In the Yin Water Snake, the elemental dynamic gives greater insight into the potential manifestations awaiting us. Yin water governs the kidneys, which are the store house of vital life force energy (chi) and sexual / reproductive / regenerative powers (potency and fertility). 
Given the animal is the foundation of energetic influence Astrologically speaking, the Fire element is stronger in 2013, meaning we will need to look closely at strengthening our Kidney chi (energy) with sufficient rest, rather than over exertion and depletion of vital nutrients for wellbeing. This year will potentially reveal any weaknesses related to lifestyle and environmental impacts contributing to infertility, fatigue and insomnia.
Health practitioners will likely be called upon more for help to restore Kidney strength where stress, toxins and exhaustion require attention. Given Chiron is now in Pisces, it is time to care for the water element…facing old wounds of spiritual uneasiness for the purpose of completion. Given the Snake is the foundation of the Astrological dynamic in 2013, the fire element will bring water to the boil, challenging us to move with grace from passion to mission, releasing all that has passed, so that space is created for the birth of new possibilities. 
The Snake is a spiritual animal helping us to burn the overgrown so as to make way for future growth and clear untameable obstruction.  With the snake being the seed of the metal element, in it’s coil, we can begin to melt and transform old forms from rigid to refined and renewed. This coming year foretells a time for burning old ideals, thinking patterns and rigid beliefs into ashes that form new ground.

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