In Feng Shui we learn that our bedroom plays one of the most significant roles over our health in being the foundation upon which we regenerate our life force energy in resting the body and recharging the soul. My belief is that the more alive we become in our dreaming state, the more congruent and aligned we can be in our daily lives.
The more we dream, it is said that the more we are connected to our spirituality and the richer we become on a soul level. My understanding tells me that our sleeping state is vital for the support of a healthy soul life that spills over into our active lives. What you see here is a boat as a bed which is rather unconventional in Feng Shui terms, given that the “ideal” is to have a stable energy in the bedroom of mountain like stillness, strength and serenity.
My openness brings me to want to break free of this mould and adapt to the realm of psychology, to unite the two guiding systems of principles to enhance our ability to live more energetically supported and sustainable lives. Given that in Feng Shui, sleeping is understood as the foundation of health and our bedroom is the most important place…I feel drawn to encourage mindfulness in creating a sacred space for the purpose of sleeping, to enhance our ability to dream.
Dreams are our way of living through the soul in my eyes, and an outlet for all of the imaginings that we experience as natural beings in human form. Firstly we know in Feng Shui that clutter in the bedroom is stifling to the ability to sleep well, with a psychic connection and vulnerability to remaining attached to the physical and the mental connections to it, rather than breaking away and being free to dream at night.
My advise to those of you who find you are not dreaming the sweet dreams you desire, is to assess your personal space and let go of clutter that has emotional ties and attachments that block your psychic energy. Clear the space under your bed, open your windows for the air to breathe and remove all objects that obstruct a Zen like feeling in your bedroom.
All you need is your bed and clothes. No electrical clutter…maybe a candle or two for nightly gratitude prayers of thanks or meditations and journal entries for manifestations…even dream recording. It is essential for the soul to dream and be free at night in the sleeping state. For this is how we regain energy. Lethargy is born of a disconnected soul…so be clear that your path to a more enchanted life, is better sleep and the freedom to dream. And it is vital the support this ability with the help of a sacred space…because sometimes in life, dreaming is our greatest asset.