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The last animal in the Chinese Zodiac, the Pig brings closure where naturally called for. The closing of a year, marking the end of an ancient calendar mapped out by the Mayans.

The Pig is a Water animal, which is supported by the strong Metal during the year of the Dragon in 2012. This indicates a harmonious month of completion, resolution and realisation that brings freedom, detachment and purity. The metal Pig signifies a time of giving away for a higher purpose, being of service and contributing to life.  

The dark night of the Chinese Zodiac, the month of the Pig brings stillness and calm for perfect clarity to reflect and prepare for the birth to come. The Pig brings a time where openness is created in letting go, surrendering and accepting with understanding and appreciation for the new. 

November is the transit of resting in contemplation, meditation and anticipation. A time to dream, and become free of ties that bind. Awakening in us a seeking spirit for the highest level of balance and justice in the seedling energy of community and humanitarian evolution, the Pig is the birth sign of the Wood element, as it is the Yin (feminine) Water sign. Wood is the element of growth, expansion and the forming of networking connections of unity (community). 
The Metal Pig brings deeper introspection, investigation and refinement discovered in the lessons of time, pressure, challenge and determination. This is an Astrological shift towards recognition, definition and strengthening of foundations both physical and  psycho-spiritual.

November brings form to the dreams we have long held deeply guarded, protected and safe in consideration and contemplation. This month moves things along where barriers once seemed more powerful and illusive, drawing them to the surface of our reality to cut through and dissolve.

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