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Education is the birth place of wisdom, the seed of life that brings both contentment and change. Two sides of the one coin that buys us fulfilment, needed for peace that comes from power and understanding.

Most of my life has been spent devouring books on human behaviour, metaphysics, traditional medicine and philosophies on healing. Where I come from is vastly different from the place I am, making me an unlikely example of defying the laws of expectation and nature versus nurture…and all because, in my firm belief…I surrounded myself in knowledge. 

We just came back from watching the movie “Searching for Sugarman” who was (is) the American singer songwriter from Detroit, Sixto Rodriguez, never big in his homeland, only to discover years later that he was bigger than Elvis in South Africa through the 70’s. He was a mystery man to all until one day, he was finally found by a South African journalist, looking to find out what happened to this great star who’s music was like anthems to South Africans, facilitating political revolution and a sense of freedom in the people. 
I was inspired by this movie, in seeing the values this man instilled in his children through all the years he remained hidden and undiscovered, all the while a super star in faraway lands, after just one girl brought his album to South Africa from America back in the 70’s. A ripple effect exploded and for years, this man never knew what a musical hero he was, who empowered generations through his lyrics…all the while as he remained a humble working class man, who instilled the wisdom in his children that knowledge is what truly takes you far.

As we watched the documentary film, I was impressed by the books crowning the shelves behind one of his daughters, beaming with a wealth of wisdom that you could see on this woman’s face. Though no royalties ever made their way back to this man or his family for the sales of his albums in South Africa, and most of the money he made from the sold out concert tour went to family and loved ones, his mysterious and legendary existence remained, as he maintained a humble riches of soul and righteous essence of depth and character.

By this I was moved. I was moved within to have faith again in time and it’s possibilities. It was a beautiful image of a message in a bottle, never lost only made more potent like wine. It was a reminder for me to believe in myself and the power of words to shift the evolution of humanity, if not now…then through time, however long undiscovered. This film to me was a confirmation also of the importance of wisdom…not “over” wealth, but “in being” wealth. As I looked upon this musical hero’s humble home in Detroit, I was moved. 
I was enchanted by it’s simple warmth…it’s richness in character and unyielding integrity in being true to the simple life of purity and authenticity. Even as we made our way to the film, we saw monks as we passed, with their friends, sitting down in a restaurant. To me this was a symbol of how simplicity can have a place in success…and that not one should be removed from the other. I myself feel connected deeply to a sense of simplicity and have strong attraction to the sustainable, self sufficient life of living close to the earth, and yet at once, I feel this to be the ultimate “success”.
I just wanted to share, that one image stood out as I watched this movie and that is of the Detroit Library, as pictured above. It brought tingles down my spine in the true image of knowledge as power, in reality. This man brought his children up to value wisdom over wealth and because of that, their wealth was clearly seen in their characters, through the expression in their eyes. And to me, that is the most wealth anyone can have. So today I am sharing with you a gratitude for the reminder of some beautiful qualities of life. That is, the endless possibilities of our words through time…and the beautiful power of wisdom as wealth to the soul.

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