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I love simplicity and I feel that Feng Shui blends perfectly with the Zen philosophy around the clarity and emptiness that brings abundance in it’s space and potential for possibility. 
Since implementing Feng Shui in my own personal space for over ten years now, I have found it to be a tool that has made it’s influence evident in each and every space I’ve called home…and there have been many. But it’s a tool I have carried with me everywhere that has enabled me to “make” a home out of “any” space I have chosen.
As destiny has it, I have lived quite a transient life of transformation where moving has been no stranger, and since taking on my first lease at 18 years old I have become known for my ability to bring harmony to a space with deliberate design. In times of change, I have become familiar with the house hunting phase and each time it has been quite the journey.
Just like the human spirit, the environmental forces within the walls of any house, as beneath the exterior of a character, there are hidden energies at play. Just as we do not see the breath…we do not see “energy”, but who would deny it’s existence? 
Energy beneath the surface can be dark and heavy with a smile on it’s face, which many are fooled by…but not me. I have brought my trusty compass with me to every new potential home and taken reading after reading before landing the right home.
On the outside and even inside, a space can look beautiful and lovely even new and attractive, just like a person…but as a Feng Shui practitioner who has trained with the best there is no fooling me. And as much instability as I have withstood in my life, I will put my success down to the wisdom I have carried with me to create the foundations to steady myself upon with the right energetic environment. 

I’ve passed up the most (seemingly) financially viable and neat modern little rental properties for Feng Shui purposes, knowing too well, with my energy map…what fortune I would have taken on by living there. On the other hand, every place I have chosen to live in has been an instant match, no questions asked hands down.

In each of my living spaces I have felt at home instantly with the deliberate orientation and design which has only ever sped up my own personal evolution and journey towards bigger and better things. My personal experience has shown me both potential sides of Feng Shui in the “Good & Bad” where in a few instances, choice has been limited in temporary living circumstances, where Feng Shui has been..not so balanced.

I’ve seen such energetic influences take form and shape in the manifestation of illness in both myself and others, where I personally have not chosen a specific location, which gives me the insight to say that not only do I know it works for the better..but it also has sway over the vulnerable where less auspicious. 

My advice is to keep it simple and do your research…for sometimes, what may seem silly now, can save you headaches later. Turn down the pretty place that has less auspicious Feng Shui and you will thank yourself later. Invest in the wisdom of Feng Shui and evolve at a far more rapid rate by tapping into your full potential and you will only give thanks for following your intuition. Until then, best of luck.

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