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As we come to the end of the year 2012 it’s the perfect time to look at the bigger picture and reflect on what matters. I wonder if you took a moment to dedicate a jar in your personal space, to noting a collection of the most  precious moments of inspiration and insight…how valuable it would become at the end of the coming year.

I wonder how much fulfilment would be born of the focus on the most wondrous aspects of your existence and journey. To take that time out to focus on the most important treasures of life, I wonder how much more empowered you would feel in your life. 

Maybe dedicate a journal or jar of your own as a special place to collect the most inspired thoughts, feelings, moments and accomplishments in your life this year, and see what treasures you end up with at the end of 2013. If you begin this beautiful collection now, who knows what you could end up with in several years time…even a decade down the track.

Think of the special feeling you would get looking back on all of the most meaningful moments of your life…forever there to be reflected upon, appreciated and cherished.

Imagine the value this jar or journal would have at the end of your life…in leaving a mark on the world….inspiring those who’s lives you touch along the way, and the many more through those and beyond. 

Just Imagine!

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