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This is the time of laying foundations and making choices about our direction. A time of struggling through as a seed emerges through the earth’s surface to sprout up towards greater heights. 

Capricorn is the time of forming structure that requires our deepest resources of both wisdom and determination. It is time now to persist in the face of resistance in knowing the potential outcome of achievement.

Capricorn sees us into the new calendar year that allows us structure in our lives along with something to measure our time and productivity by. This solar transit brings a lesson in the power of planning in order to build the walls that protect us from the outer forces. 

Through this time we learn the value of steady progress and focus as we are drawn to face the power of our deliberation in directing resources towards outcomes. A time of deep consideration and calculation in aligning the various aspects of our lives to support one another in growing strong and resilient.

The Sun in Capricorn tests our true determination and sincerity of purpose, by challenging us to evolve to become wiser in the pursuit of our evolution and self creation. 

This Astrological window reveals our weakness so as to awaken us to the potential to grow, be humbled and learn from our experience. Setbacks become our greatest friend as we enter the Capricorn Sun…so that we may develop resilience and foresight for the future. 

Capricorn teaches us the value of hard work in pursuing our dreams. This transit unveils the purpose of commitment in building our dreams from solid foundations and never giving up. 

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