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As an Astrologer I have been asked repeatedly how much influence the planets really have over the unfolding events, manifestations and evolution of our journey. Many people seem to wonder how much power they have over their destiny and how they can direct the course of their lives in the face of outer circumstances and external forces.
My experience in reading the Astrological energy of both people and events in their lives, has lead me to find a great truth around the balance of magnetic alchemical interactions that change the direction of the life experience from the slightest of ways to the most significant transformations. What I have discovered in my searching is the beautiful unveiling of the undeniable potency of the human spirit and our own free will. 
In one second of time, we can see enormous shifts sweep our very foundations away and yet in the same breathe, awaken a vastly different reality that no longer requires the previously known structures that had once held our very lives together. In the experience, growth and passing of relationships, along with the vital aspects of physical existence, we as human beings seek understanding, certainty and dependability…which leads me to explore the power of our choices in the making of our destiny.
No matter our position or views, we all seek the path of power that allows us to become the very essence of our deepest dreams. My answer, when asked the question of how much is predestined…is simple and yet complex, just as the nature of life itself demonstrates itself to be. 
Being an Astrologer does not make me bias as many would assume, when it comes to forces of destiny…in fact quite the contrary. My searching has brought me to see a great balance between the riches of possibility written in the stars from the moment of our first breathe and the place of free will, choices and perspective.
Our soul journey is guided by a compass that we are not only blessed with, but that is adjusted by our dreams, our learnings and those things that move our heart. Be it experience, relationships, events or the teachings we attain…our life is a canvas which is painted by the colours both chosen and given. There is a balance between what we allow and what we deliberately attain through determination and choice. 
The geography of the soul is seen in the choices we make with the material we are provided. No matter what it is, we have the power to exchange what we are given with what we envision. The Energy and life itself is a manifestation of the transformation we choose with every passing day. 

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