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EntranceFirst impressions do have an influence over the unfolding of any new path or journey we set upon. Maybe reflect for a moment yourself on things such as:

What does the entry of your home currently feel and look like?
How may that influence the experience of being in your space?
How well prepared are you to achieve your current aspirations?
What influence do you feel your home has on your state of mind?
How much influence did your early life have on who you are now?
What influence do you feel your beginnings have on your life today?

I wonder if we were to ask ourselves these things and connect the dots to form a clarity around how much influence the entrance has to anything, be it our life, our space or our journey through a year…how much would change in the way we do things? 

How differently would we arrange our lives and our space. Would we dedicate time now to sorting through the stagnating piles of un-organised clutter so as to make things easier tomorrow and in the new year? 

Would we invest time now in creating a beautiful space if we knew how much of a difference it would make in the way we live later, when at home and in how we feel?

Maybe contemplate just for a moment now, how your own actions may be of value in setting the tone and forging the path ahead, by creating foundations that are sustainable for the road ahead. Maybe consider taking that extra time now, to prepare a more welcoming space in which you can fulfil more of your dreams within. Could it be time now to make space for even greater things to come? Are there things in your life and space that could be blocking such possible manifestation? Maybe take a moment to reflect on that.

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