Full Moon in Cancer

The full moon in Cancer shines a light on the inner most treasures that can now illuminate the soul from the inside out, as a candle glows in the dark. 

Soft and soulful, we are in the perfect time to express our love for those dearest and nearest in gratitude and acknowledgement for the meaning they have to us. 

The Cancer full moon is at home in it’s own sign, ruling the water element and it’s cycles of ebb and flow, teaching us when to grow and when to let go. 

This full moon is a beautiful time to set intentions and send messages out into the universe for the wishes we have and the dreams we hold deep within. This full moon brings an opportunity to see clearly the value of our personal space and the protection it offers us in being the boundary between our inner and outer lives…as the shell provides retreat for  the soft and vulnerable underbelly of the crab’s interior. 

This is a great time to clear the clutter from our lives and surroundings, so as to make space for deeper connections and the promise of new beginnings to come in the year ahead. With this full moon, we are Astrologically drawn nearer to the desire to understand the cycles within our lives and our place within the world around us. It is the time in which we seek a sense of belonging and connectedness to our roots and origins, be it a more harmonious existence with the mother earth or a stronger bond with family and loved ones.

This moon softens the heart space to allow us to reach deep down into the core of our soul and become clear on the most important relationships and their value in our lives and soul evolution. Now is the time to express love and become more complete by leaving no words unsaid when it comes to the meaning of those we love in our lives. 

Grab a pen and write a letter to those you care for. Pick up the phone and call the people you have long been missing. Reach out and express yourself honestly to those who need to hear it so as not to regret never sharing the truth of the value each and every loved one has in your life and contributing to who you are today. Give thanks this full moon, for it is the perfect opportunity where emotional walls are broken and barriers are dissolved. 

It’s time to make those deeper connections you have always wanted. 

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