Full Moon in Leo, 27th of January


The Full Moon flowers at 7 degrees of Leo on Sunday (Australia)…bringing a wave of clarity in the achievement attained, both personally on the deeper individual levels, out towards the greater spheres of worldly breadth around the righteous place and purpose of leadership, direction and creative drive. This full moon shines a light on the more fruitful aspects of ambition, passion and willingness to pursue against the odds.

We see now the results and return of energy we have poured outwardly into the direction of our visions. This full moon gives life to the colours we once held only in our imaginations, bringing them to animation, giving a voice to our missions and a shape to our once undefined moulding in the making. The Full moon in Leo is the time to drop the masks and be proud of who we are.

Leo teaches us to be honest, ourselves, shameless and clear about our purpose, our mission and ultimate reason for doing what we do. Illuminating various aspects of our lives as individuals, what this full moon offers is a bright light that allows others to see our abundance, where ever it may be. This is a time in which we are each given the recognition we deserve for the unique gifts we bring to the world.

Like lanterns in the night, the Leo full moon turns up the heat, strengthens our inner flame and activates the heart chakra energy centre, bringing a passionate emotion to the table with a focus on love, drive and determination in the direction of our deepest magnetic callings. Leo is the fixed fire sign that governs the “heart”, the centre of the being, what the Chinese refer to as “The Seat of Consciousness” (Shen).

This lunar phase is the window in which to tap into the hearts desires for the sake of living to the fullest potential. If ever there was a time in the year to open up and express yourself, it is now. Creativity is fertile and abundant right now…making this a perfect time to celebrate the acheivements that hold promise of further potential and possibility. This moon shines a light on our brighter side, beyond limitation or doubt.

Enjoy this time of joy and play. Dance and explore. Be child like and have fun. For this is the Full Moon in the sign of the Sun.

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