Welcome to the Year of the Water Snake

Today is Chinese New Year’s eve before the “Solar” Year of Water Snake arrives tomorrow. The “Lunar” Chinese New Year begins on the New Moon on the 10th. This New Moon will be in Aquarius.

A greatly divine and synchronistic transit into a New Age, after the end of a symbolic ancient calendar. The Water bearer brings the Water Snake to us for great change to take place in the Spiritual realm. The Serpent is a symbol of healing & medicine.

This year we can expect great levels of transformation as the skin is shed to reveal deeper layers of the soul as we move like a snake towards the light (sun). The Snake is a Fire animal, ruled by the Heart – Astrologically associated with the Sun (the heart of the Universe) & seat of Consciousness (shen).


Find out more about what this year holds possible for you in my earlier post, exploring each of the 5 Chinese Zodiac elements, before the last Full Moon in Leo update.

Further to this, I want to continue the exploration of the year to come, from a deeper perspective. As an Astrologer, I consider myself to be somewhat of a Mathematician, able to calculate energy and determine equations. It is only in being given a question, that I can formulate the answer that will only be relevant to the one seeking answers. Only in questioning do we find the answers, which brings me to further explore the influence of this year over certain people and aspects of life on earth itself.

As you can see from the image used above, this year has strong connections to the energy of the Serpent, known for it’s affinity with the realm of healing, ascension and evolution towards “light”. As a Snake moves towards the Sun, shedding it’s skin, we see a clear dynamic of Transformation that takes place as we transit through this new Astrological year. Many people will ask me as they generally do, with regards to the meaning of certain Astrological influences, “Is this a good or bad thing?”

My answer…”It is all relative.” This year will mean different things to different people yes. For some people, it will be a year of great harmony…as many would assume otherwise, given the interpretation of the “clash” of elements we see with the Fire of the Snake animal alongside the presence of the Yin Water element.

In very general terms, this will be translated as opposing elements bringing destruction, however, to some…this destruction will be in areas that require change and the letting go of old binding patterns, akin to the symbol of the butterfly, leaving it’s cocoon. As water puts out the fire, we can see many people laying to rest certain aspects of their lives that may have been great barriers to self evolution.

As water brings steam to the fire, we can see new life where fire once burned away our efforts…now fertile ground for new beginnings to bring life to seeds of inspired dreams in wait of the perfect time for germination. To certain people, this years elements bring balance, as water and sun brings growth to the willows in waiting.

For others, this year brings warmth required to balance the cold, yet water to support those in need of strength and rest. For those born on the year, day, month or hour of the Monkey, this year will bring an interesting phase of worthwhile challenges to reveal potential. The Monkey month born between the first week of August to the first week of September can expect a year of greater contribution and increased self worth in the gifts discovered in the pursuit of purpose.

For those born in the Pig year, month, day or hour, this year brings incredible change and transformation that can also manifest as greater balance, strength and direction. People born on a Yang Earth day can expect deeper connections and soul harmony with loved ones, with great potential for deeper commitments and relationship energy.

So while there is a judgment of disharmony between the elements, there lies a truly beautiful potential for new levels of achievement for many. Water brings mist to the fire this year as we enter the Snake, which hold a clear essence of awakening through the transformational shedding of old skin as fire burns away the past and water renews the spirit.

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