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Even if your inner whispers tell you to listen just this once…to someone else…what do you do? Do you fight every natural inkling and instinct to go one way, or do you listen to that voice within to try something new? What I wonder, what would you then do? I find it so interesting that we all have so many aspects to our psycho-spiritual being, that all at once we are so often in constant magnetic push and pull, for the purpose of balance, growth and learning. I’ve always been a believer In leaving no stone unturned…for I don’t see the need for regret in any case. Just gratitude for the love we learn along the way. Being where I am today, like you…at a new standpoint looking out below to the world we strive to build ourselves upon, I have been drawn strongly to the reflection of who I am now in comparison to who I was then, yesterday, one month ago, two months ago, even a year ago…and to be honest I am humbled by what’s possible. Simply through the willingness to explore and discover who are are and who we are not, I am a believer in the power of willingness to let go of ideas of who we think we are to find out who we truly are, without should’s, comparisons and measurements against the outwardly accepted.

A year ago, I set upon a journey. Not knowing where I would end up, but open to seeing. And for this experience, I am better off. Better off for knowing and learning what I am capable of and what I do not want. I learnt during this time, how much I treasure what I never knew was my own prosperity, my blessing and treasure… my life. So, coming back to my inspiration for this update, I am drawn to share with you, the power of reassessing everything we create from the vision of who we are now, as opposed to the different person we were “back then”. As a Feng Shui practitioner of more than 10 years, I’m a big advocate of letting go of the old and making way for the new to attract and welcome what we aspire to achieve, in all aspects of life.


From the realm of self definition and beingness, to attainment, relationships and wellbeing in every sense, I believe we change rapidly, if only we are curious enough to explore the aspects of ourselves that are yet to be fulfilled. I believe the more we grow, the more we let go…just as the Japanese philosophy of Zen Buddhism instils, that we become more abundant when we have more space for possibility to expand in the imagination, set ourselves free in emptiness and space, un cluttered by past attachment and accumulation. Where some people feel that wealth is equal to accumulation, I have come to the point where I now believe wealth to be a largely misunderstood term, that is interpreted under a false idea that accumulation means the promise of respect and freedom.

I’ve now come to see accumulation as the binding to things once sought for the purpose of distraction, from those things yet to be fully appreciated for their value in our lives. If we only trust ourselves enough, I feel that we are capable of becoming leaders in the realm of self evolution and unity with the ultimate purpose of gratitude, presence and fulfilment regardless of outer circumstances. Abstract yes, for some…but for many, this is a simple principle of ultimate perfection of being aware of the blessings in each and every challenge or loss, that promises great discovery of human potential and nature, being of a higher purpose of contributing on the larger more influential sphere.

From this reflection, I have come to see that it is important in life, to every once in a while, reassess who we are, what we choose and how we live. I feel it wise to change our outer expressions of identity and habits for the purpose of being true to our greater spiritual wisdom, from the transcended evolutionary miracles we are if we just allow ourselves to be, freely, unrestrained by ideas of who we used to be. If you were you, who you are today…would you buy that item of attire? Would you spend your well earned material value on consumable materiel, to the cost of higher priorities? What would you really spend your time, energy and money on? What would you really fill your space with?  I wonder…if only you were true to who you are now, beyond imprinted persuasions and acceptance of misguidance from outer judgement, would you choose all that you have previously chosen? Maybe that’s something that you could change, in this year of the Water Snake of transformational shedding and evolution.

Empower yourself…is what I’m saying!

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