Full Moon in Virgo

We arrive at the full moon in Virgo tonight / tomorrow 7:27am (Melbourne, Australia) which brings us to a time of heightened physical presence. We now have a strong light shining on the tangible world, and as I embark on a new journey of study, I am literally beginning to look at the finer details of human biology and structure more closely than ever before. So for me, this full moon really has sway…though born with the moon in Cancer, the sign ruled by the moon herself, I am definitely more governed by the lunar cycles anyway.

Looking at the cellular level of the body as I begin studies in Chinese Medicine, I find this Virgo full moon really strong…providing greater insight into the finer structure and make up of the world in the physical sense. In writing this month’s update, I would also like to share my recent accomplishment of being shortlisted for a Scholarship for my studies. In itself, I was humbled to receive the call for an interview. It was in this interview that I had my attention turned towards my academic achievements so far. I guess though “Academic” to me, this is still a question of achievement, even though this would more so be considered  relative to the sign of Gemini…I would still relate this to Virgo, being ruled by Mercury, especially when it comes to the study of “Health” – being my field of study.

So, maybe this full moon, you too could turn your attention towards your own achievements  in celebration and recognition of efforts applied…for this is what we build our physical life upon. So in celebration of this full moon in Virgo, I give thanks for finally becoming an author a whole year ago, giving birth to “The Sacred Psychology of Healing – Secrets to Awakening the Mind-Body Potential”. I also give thanks for already having attained a Diploma in Holistic Counselling, so that I could now focus more upon other areas of study with an exemption for my new Degree. This full moon, maybe you too could give thanks for something that you have previously done that has later become a valuable foundation upon which you continue to build your legacy in life.

For Virgo is an Earth sign, helping us to learn lessons around the power in taking one small step at a time. As the ancient Egyptians built pyramids one stone at a time, we too can now see clearly how valuable each small step or stone may be in leading us to greatness. Maybe this full Moon in Virgo can help you understand that it is the small cellular level of existence that makes up the vast and wondrous world around us…and to understand this, can help us meander through the greater challenges of attaining perspective, in the bigger picture. As I look forward to teaching Yoga tomorrow, I wonder if you too can commit to taking time out for yourself, in the light of this full moon, to contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing long term. Maybe today, under this beautiful Virgo full moon…you could commit to dedicating just small windows of your life to a greater cause, for the purpose of longevity and sustainability…from the personal level and beyond.

May this full moon bring you many blessings and wisdom,

Love Leah

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