New Moon at 21 degrees of Pisces


This New Moon is the portal to the darkness in which there lies the seed of light. A creative moon in which we dive freely into new experience like a fish in undiscovered seas. The time is rich in deepened sensitivity to feeling and e-m-ocean (emotion). Time now to let go and be swept up in the ebb and flow, to turn up the volume on the love vibration and tune into the higher frequencies of light consciousness.

The new Pisces moon takes place to bring us to the place within that is in tune with “out there”, the unseen reality of energy, that is felt (just like the wind). Pisces governs the unseen, the hidden and the end…which makes this new moon a potent time for a change of reality and the exploration of another way. Time to become balanced in the joy of connecting with the oneness of earth, to be enchanted with our bare feet on the ground or to simply enjoy the freedom of movement in water as the sign itself loves to do.

Time to dream up a storm and create new colours on the pallet. The New Moon in Pisces is the most reflective time in which we are drawn inward to look closer at our spiritual needs for fulfillment and authenticity. If we are not in tune with our highest calling, emotions will be felt deeply around the magnetic pull to shift our direction. This can be an auspicious time to adjust the sails and redirect the course of our journey. If there is any part of us living outside of our values, this is the time to straighten out and realign.

During this full moon we have 5 planets and the asteroid of Chiron in the constellation of Pisces! This is an auspicious time to Meditate, Imagine, Dream and Write beautiful poetry to express feelings. This is a New Moon of great healing potential…and as I prepare to embark on a day trip to a wondrous place called Crystal Castle after watching the sun rise, I feel blessed to spend it in such a fitting way.



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