Entering the New Astrological cycle

Blessings for the Solar journey through the constellation of Aries. The sign of new life, seedlings and initiation. As we arrive at the equinox we enter the transition of Universal energy into the opposite direction of life as the pendulum swings back towards the transformation of evolving purpose and a new way of seeing. Now we have reached the threshold of understanding as we close a significant chapter of spiritual growth. This Astrological month sees us into a time of individuation and self definition. Aries is the sign of rapid expansion, just as Mars, it’s ruling planet governs our physical energy, drive and dynamic creativity.


The sun’s journey through Aries gives us fresh perspective and vision to help push us through toward the stage of manifestation and tangible achievement. A fire sign, this month gives rise to passion and helps us tune into that which we are most driven to accomplish and bring forth to the world. Aries is the time in which we can benefit most from meditation, to channel the mind and define our dreams into vivid affirmations of what we are, who we aspire to become and awaken to the power of owning it, feeling it and allowing it to simply be, right now, regardless of perceived barriers. It’s breakthrough time. This is the heavenly window in which we set the foundations for the formation of our regenerated life force.

If there is a time of year to dive into the deep end and take that leap of faith…it is now. Aries is the first sign of the Western zodiac and the most open to exploring the realm of possibility, so take a leaf out of this heavenly season and go with the flow of spirit. Hold nothing back and give freedom to the bravery of innocence now in the light of the Aries sun. Give your truth and let it be done. It is only then you can learn, move on and gain wisdom of completion…from all that has past in our previous life cycle ending in the Pisces Sun just gone.

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