Full Moon in Libra

The full moon in Libra teaches us of the vital importance of Balance in our lives. From all aspects, this Lunar “tick” of the cosmic clock brings us enlightening around the power of poise. We live in a dual magnetic world of yin and yang, night and day, sun and moon, man and woman…for the pure purpose of transformational evolution. Libra full moon highlights our duality as the nature of rhythmic cycles that teach us the value of harmonious unity between body and mind, heart and soul.


Here we arrive at the Moon of connection, compromise and giving of ourselves for a greater purpose. This full moon shines a light on the need to care for others as a way of caring for ourselves. It is the moon that teaches us that in fulfilling the needs and values of others and the greater world around us, we are taken to new levels of empowerment and influence in ways that allow us to fulfill our own purpose. Let this full moon bring all doubts to the surface so that you may let go of emotions that bind us to confusion.

The time has come to sway back as the pendulum begins to centre and bring us to the point of stillness, to know the truth of vibrational balance that lies within and around. So in the light of this full moon I ask…what can you now see to be your most significant blessing, that was once perceived as your greatest wound? Maybe it’s time to see the true duality of life, reflected in nature itself.

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