New Moon in Aries

Today I was asked, what’s happening in the stars? And upon seeing it was the New Moon in Aries, I share tonight…the very influence this lunar phase has over life on earth. As the gravitational pull recedes and the darkness reins, we feel that sense of anticipation so deeply embedded in the Aries energy (sign). So eager about things yet to come, the forward moving Aries New Moon is bursting with potential, initiative and fire in both passion and drive. This is the one New Moon that calls us to be brave, set ourselves free from yesterday and yesteryear, to release any and all weight in order to set upon the ultimate Astrological (spiritual) cyclic journey of self evolution and purposeful contribution.


Aries New Moon brings fire to the surface, teaching us lessons of heart, passion and relentless directed action towards the direction of our goals, just as Aries possesses so strongly. This April, as we move through the month of the Dragon, we can learn best by challenging ourselves to steer our energy and channel our drive in disciplined ways that steady our progress and build our foundations. This Lunar tick of the cycle can be likened to the midnight energy where we enter the new day, and begin the next phase of life. It’s all about planting seeds, meditating and affirming to ourselves the power of our potential, choices and actions. This is a wonderful time to plan the road ahead and delve deep into the realm of the mind-heart power. This is a time in which we can draw upon the Lunar energy to guide us on our journey within…to self creation, discovery and definition.

This is time to stand your ground and be strong. Time to tap into the inner voice that guides. Aries brings blessings to new life, and it’s annual New Moon brings significant creativity to life. We may now step our in a leap of faith into a place we have never gone before with confidence and purpose. This new moon we dive head first of the horizon into the realm of possibility. Lay new foundations now, for they will light the way for the path ahead. Take a chance and be bold. Anything that is given life in this new moon has great potential to grow rapidly with power behind it. It’s time to become the leaders of our own destiny and take the reins.

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