Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

As we stand at the eve of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, I reflect upon it’s influence over my own chart as it occurs in conjunction with the placement of  my natal Pluto  just 2.5 degrees away, also being the ruler of Scorpio. Waking from a dream in which a botanical bulb in the shape and design of a beautiful big butterfly, landed before my feet…before opening to release a hundred little butterflies that emerged to fly up around me in a helix pattern…I can’t help but fall in love with this energy! In the formation of the DNA pattern, does this foretell a completion of history in my own patterns? I wonder…does this begin a more pure form of transformation for me? I cannot help but anticipate the potential beauty of this Astrological event, opening new cyclic doors as only a Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio could do. On a much higher level and frequency, we can open our arms to this vibrational pull of the Scorpio eclipse to pour into the depths of our soul and be moved in ways more profound than many.


Yes this will stir the murky waters of emotion stagnant deep below, but this is the essence of what must go. I am well versed in letting go…as anyone around my age with Pluto in Scorpio would be…so this Lunar Eclipse simply bestows an opportunity to practice and perfect the art of doing so, in more refined and graceful ways. Yes this full moon Scorpio eclipse at 5 degrees will push and pull you in many ways, so yes you are best to go within at this significant time. For it is there you will witness the most amazing transformation. Watch this inner eclipse take place on your soul, and you will discover incredible changes in the true closing of a door as the alignment of the sails adjust to new winds that alter your whole life direction like you’ve only ever dreamed of. This is a time of ending psycho-spiritual patterns past down or carried from the past. It’s time to redesign your path. This destruction of the old, is the destruction of something that is no longer right for you. Look ahead, that is where the light is. Be the eagle now and see from a higher perspective…this moment, is a piece of the puzzle you need to put in it’s place to find the greater truth.

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