Full Eclipse Moon in Sagittarius

And what does this mean you ask? Well, in terms of the greater picture…it means growth in leaps and bounds, body and mind, heart and soul. It’s an incredible time of manifestation, from mind to reality. This an eclipse trinity, a time of great change and adjustment as we transcend through a portal into a higher existence. So here we go. Sagittarius Full Moon is the gift that ushers in the intended movement towards the shifting tides that evoke expansion in the direction of our heart felt dreams. Reflected beautifully in the image of the archer on the half man half horse of the sign itself…this is the time in which we are propelled to pull back and let go so as to reach the goals we have been aiming for. Time to aim and fire, and bask in the glorious feeling of accomplishment, achievement and development in the right direction of our deepest yearnings within.

Sagittarius full moon inspires truth, awakening, understanding and honesty…all qualities of the fire element, to bring light to life and colour it with joy, feeling, emotion and transformation. Opposite the Sun in Gemini,  this is a moon to shine a light on the bigger picture and let the arches fly into the distance, to make greater connections with the wider world, to travel the distance in either body or mind and set upon new journeys that take us far. In the light of this moon we shall endeavor to learn far more expansively than ever before, as our perspective is turned towards power in the form of insight and appreciation for the vastness of life in it’s many forms. Now is the time to look ahead and put everything into perspective with a longer term and more enveloping view of the world and life itself.

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